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Hi everybody, for you who remember me hello, i was offline for a good while but im back on now. I dont realy like GR:AW at the moment but im sure it wil grow on me. Im still stuck on GR, you know how it is.

Anyway.. Im just putting myself up for use lol. I can model, skin, script and just about anything else.

I hope to have some model renders up shortly.

PM me if ya want me.


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Need help with P2: A Cold Day In Hell - takes place on all but one Frostbite map, December, and Blue Ivan winter maps, plus callmehobbes is busy winterizing White Skull Valley. A few of us are at the grass roots level of a new project - tropical. I have three sniper rifles that are naked models only, done by JTF-2(some great pics for textures thanks to Stalker Zero) and another sniper model on the way that is being done in Max 7 will need to be exported via Max 5. I have a couple more sniper rifles in mind if you are interested in modeling anything. I would like to get textures for winter, jungle, and desert. Maybe even urban. The tropical thing may grow into global ops in SA, CA, The Congo, and maybe an Asian locale or be condensed into a single country, probably SA or CA.

If you can do organic models and animations you are very much needed. I have an idea for an intro movie for P2 that would require something similar to the level of animation you saw at the end of Island Thunder... and we are tossing about ideas for making the tropics look more like the tropics - more than vegetation that is, but we'll need lots of stuff for placing on new maps. Could you do a boat? Maybe a fishing troller?.

Oh yea, for anyone interested - been in the Keep so long now, I've just gotta have an early VW bug, very early, one that can go in circles too, can you say Halloween Mission Mod?

PM me if you're interested

mig :ph34r:

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man,those sr 25s look beautiful!best i've seen in awhile.i don't think theres a future for graw,except maybe on PS.big gr1 fan myself,i need someone like you for a skin mod,if you are interested pm me.keep up the good work,and long live gr1! :thumbsup:

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Thankyou for your comments guys, Element you probably havent seen me around because i have been offline for a good while. I used to be active within the modding community working with modders such as Sixpence among some others. Chems still around?

Anyway the stoner is too many poly's for GR but im sure i could optimize it for GR.

Heres some other weapons for gr.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah, nice work StereoG.

And as for Chems, I believe he was banned for trying to hack the forums.


The one and only Whisper_44 beat me to it.

Not quite right. He has been banned for trying to hack forums before (over at TE, I think) but his most recent banning was over a dispute with the admins regarding GR2, if I recall correctly.

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