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New Urban camo

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Hügel Posted Today, 01:04 PM

The grey does look superb but I really do like the black! Any chance of releasing both?

i will work on the black and i will also release it

I also have a digital desert camo i am working on and a green tiger stripe. I also have some others in the works that will be done and released either as a whole skin pack or in my clans mod

Grey Urban is up

I have it up and hosted one two sites

it is in an install program with all subfiles needed (exp.local/ghost_team/diffuse/) so PLEASE READ the WARNING!!!!! about overwriting any local file and subfolders i don't want people using or makeing skins to loss there mod and work SO PLEASE READ!!!!!

host one: aces server Click Here

host two: Rapidshare Click Here

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Urban camo with black vest update.

Some people have been asking for the urban camo with a black vest and gear so I have been working on it for you. I have some shots of it so everyone can see some changes I have done like lighting the black alittle bit so it doesn't look like one big blob it is almost done and will be released this weekend or early next week.




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from what i remeber of the 50 or so camo patterns i have. it is the same pattern as the urban but diffrent colors urban is diffrent shads of grey and black but winter is grey black and white.

i will look i do have this camo with the rest all labeled i just have to look. but if it is and will show diffrent in the game i will make it for you

i was just wondering if anyone has downloaded and used the urban grey skin yet, if so let me know what you think and if any changes are needed

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