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HD-DVD vs. BluRay


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I know that HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray is a big argument and what not.

When will I be able to buy of these drives for my computer to compliment my regular DVD drive? Does anybody have any information on this or guesses. Also do you think that I would have any issues with using them with a 7900 GTX?

And finally, how much do you think it will cost?

I am wondering about HD-DVD and blu-ray, even though I prefer HD-DVD and think it will be the new standard.

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When will I be able to buy of these drives for my computer to compliment my regular DVD drive?

There are only consumer versions of these optical drives from $700-1K- nothing announced for PCs yet.

Unless you have money to burn, you won't want one til at least next year. There's not much media out there to take advantage of this anyway. And you'll need a monitor with HDMI support too ...

There's an interesting article today that the initial HD DVD vs Blu Ray will be fought on PCs ...


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xbox 360 is reported to be pushing a hd-dvd drive expansion device via usb connection. this however needs its own HDCP compliant connection which means you cannot use component output, or vga output. This = another video connection and audio hookup for your already spaghetti looking home theater. NOT SMART. Price? Rumored anywhere from $200 - $399. Release speculated to be around xmas :santa:

If successful, this may help the HD-DVD gain some quick market share as people only pay for the upgrade costs on the existing install base of the 360 while the PS3 is trying to come out of the gate at a higher price point.

Overall - I smell another year or 2 before any REAL progress is made to making this a common and affordable item with plenty of titles available.

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