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HK PSG-1 almost

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ok i got it to work still has psg1 sound ill fix it l8er repeat steps 2 and 3 exept change names of psg1 to g36 otherwise works fine :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


<xdefine name="g36( name_ext )">

<unit type="weapon" name="g36$name_ext" slot="12">

<model file="/weapons/g36/g36$name_ext.xml"/>

<depends_on unit="g36_mag_3rd"/>

<script_class name="base" class="BulletWeapon"/>

<stats block="base_data"/>

<stats block="weapon_data">

<var name="ammo_type" value="762"/>

<var name="length_from_root" value="90"/>

<var name="clip_max" value="30"/>

<var name="owner_align" value="primary_align"/>

<var name="public_name" value="G36"/>

<var name="anim_name" value="m8"/>

<var name="hud_name" value="m8"/>

<!-- Objects / Units -->

<var name="object_ejector" value="shell"/> <!-- name of the ejector object -->

<var name="object_muzzle" value="fire"/> <!-- name of the ejector object -->

<var name="object_clip_align" value="mag_align"/> <!-- name of the ejector object -->

<var name="unit_clip" value="m8_mag_3rd"/> <!-- name of the casing unit -->

<var name="body_drop" value="main_body"/> <!-- name of the body to activate when dropping the gun -->

<!-- Spread -->

<var name="spread_normal" value="0.8"/> <!-- spread in normal mode + mods affect this -->

<var name="spread_zoom" value="0.1"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this -->

<!-- Recoil -->

<var name="recoil_normal" value="1.0"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this -->

<var name="recoil_zoom" value="0.6"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this -->

<!-- Fire modes -->

<var name="fire_modes" value="2"/> <!-- 1 = semi, 2 = semi+auto, 3 = semi+auto+burst -->

<var name="fire_rate_semi" value="0.140"/> <!-- minimum time between bullets in semi mode -->

<var name="fire_rate_auto" value="0.090"/> <!-- time between bullets on full auto -->

<var name="fire_rate_burst" value="0.1"/> <!-- time between bullets in burts mode -->

<var name="fire_burst_count" value="1"/> <!-- the amount of bullets to fire in a row in burst mode -->

<var name="fire_offensive" value="3"/> <!-- what thread in SGunLogics this weapon uses when when in offensive -->

<var name="fire_defensive" value="2"/> <!-- what thread in SGunLogics this weapon uses when when in defensive -->

<var name="fire_suppresive" value="3"/> <!-- Sniperrifles wount ever fire more than 1 round, even in this mode -->

<var name="weapon_min_range" value="35000"/> <!-- -->

<var name="weapon_max_range" value="60000"/> <!-- -->

<!-- AI -->

<var name="ai_shoot_delay" value="0.1"/> <!-- normal aim time for ai -->

<var name="ai_reload_delay" value="3.8"/> <!-- relaod time -->

<var name="ai_angle_req_near" value="20"/>

<var name="ai_angle_req_far" value="5"/>

<var name="fire_sound" value="3.0"/>

<var name="fire_supressed" value="3.0"/>

<var name="ai_precision" value="0.08"/>

<var name="ai_fire_until" value="0.5"/>

<var name="ai_fire_until_rand" value="0.5"/>

<!-- Effects -->

<var name="effect_semi_flash" value="g36_muzzle_flash"/> <!-- muzzle effect on semi -->

<var name="effect_auto_flash" value="g36_muzzle_flash"/> <!-- muzzle effect on auto -->

<var name="effect_auto_end" value="g36_muzzle_smoke"/> <!-- smoke effect on barrel after auto -->

<var name="effect_casing" value="762_shell_ejection"/> <!-- name of the casing effect -->

<var name="effect_hit" value="bullet_hit"/> <!-- name of the hit effect -->

<var name="effect_hit_physics" value="bullet_hit_rifle"/> <!-- name of the hit physics effect -->

<var name="bolt_lockup_time" value="0.033"/> <!-- bolt anim -->

<var name="bolt_fire_start_time" value="0.033"/>

<var name="bolt_fire_end_time" value="0.166"/>

<var name="bolt_eject_start_time" value="0.16"/>

<var name="bolt_eject_end_time" value="0.5"/>

<var name="bolt_chamber_start_time" value="0.5"/>

<var name="bolt_chamber_end_time" value="0.8"/>

<var name="bolt_lock_time" value="0.033"/> <!-- bolt lock anim -->-->

<!-- Moddable stats -->

<var name="damage" value="5"/> <!-- weapon damage + mods affect this -->

<var name="weight" value="4"/> <!-- weapon weight + mods affect this -->

<var name="stability" value="0.5"/> <!-- weapon stability + mods affect this -->

<!-- Mods -->

<var name="top_mount" value=""/>

<var name="top_mod" value=""/>

<var name="front_mod" value=""/>

<var name="bottom_mod" value=""/>

<var name="grenade_mod" value=""/>

<var name="grenade_mod_actions" value="true"/>

<var name="anim_auto_to_semi_start_time" value="0.0"/>

<var name="anim_auto_to_semi_end_time" value="0.266"/>

<var name="anim_semi_to_auto_start_time" value="0.266"/>

<var name="anim_semi_to_auto_end_time" value="0.433"/>


<stats block="item_data">

<var name="inventory_slot" value="primary"/>



<soundbank name="scar762_sound$name_ext"/>

<soundbank name="foley_rifle_sound"/>

<default_soundsource source="sound"/>



<unit type="weapon" name="m8_mag_3rd" slot="12">

<model file="/weapons/m8/m8_mag.xml"/>


<soundbank name="foley_rifle_sound"/>

<default_soundsource source="sound"/>





@psg1( _3rd )


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MORE BAD NEWS i tried getting the rpg but no dice game crashed if u get sniggles mod u can have the psg1 g36k and hk21e

theres no way the psg1 and the g36 is gonna work nore the rpg. rpg has animations for player. you have to make them. there is only a animation for the rpg to hold it but there is no firing animation for it.The g36 has a stupid useless sight blocking it unless you can figure out how far yoour face has to be up to it so see if that sight is actually legit. but i really dought it!?. and finally the psg1 has a another useless sight blocking it from using any real sights. unfortunally the only legitt enemy weapon is the hk21e!.

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update....when u are changing model files for the g36 u instead of weapon id "49" change to 50 if it stays 49 i think game gets confused so when u try to select psg1 it selects g36 this may fix that i will be testing for it

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ive got all the xmls done now i MAY have screenies by 3 PM but to answer questions yes i have the g36 flashlight the hk21 psg1 and g36 im not gonna distribute files but all u have to do is just add repeat the steps except change file names even if u cannot figgure it out PM me

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sigh i got a crash...if any1 knows why it happnd here it is:

btw! i have a high res texture for the mexican weapons!!!!!!

Tue Jun 05 15:37:34 2007

Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35

data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): Inventory: could not spawn weapong36








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YES evilducky u have apoint i might have mistyped some weapon id parameters working on it as we speak/type =P

hmm wrong topic..but fits if u were wondering look for my thread lol still may figure out what is crashing!

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