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HK PSG-1 almost

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Is that scope an addon to the PSG-1 or is it part of the texture?

If it is an addon (which I doubt), then you could just add the scope from the Barrett to the PSG-1.

But I think when Mig1 tried to use the G36 in the game, the same thing happened...the sights are non useable.

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First you need to change the u_psg1.xml file a little

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


<xdefine name="psg1( name_ext )">

<unit type="weapon" name="psg1$name_ext" slot="12">

<model file="/weapons/psg1/psg1$name_ext.xml"/>

<depends_on unit="psg1_mag_3rd"/>

<script_class name="base" class="BulletWeapon"/>

<stats block="base_data"/>

<stats block="weapon_data">

<var name="ammo_type" value="762"/>

<var name="length_from_root" value="90"/>

<var name="clip_max" value="20"/>

<var name="owner_align" value="primary_align"/>

<var name="public_name" value="PSG1"/>

<var name="anim_name" value="scarh"/>

<var name="hud_name" value="scar_heavy"/>

<!-- Objects / Units -->

<var name="object_ejector" value="shell"/> <!-- name of the ejector object -->

<var name="object_muzzle" value="fire"/> <!-- name of the ejector object -->

<var name="object_clip_align" value="mag_align"/> <!-- name of the ejector object -->

<var name="unit_clip" value="psg1_mag_3rd"/> <!-- name of the casing unit -->

<var name="body_drop" value="main_body"/> <!-- name of the body to activate when dropping the gun -->

<!-- Spread -->

<var name="spread_normal" value="0.8"/> <!-- spread in normal mode + mods affect this -->

<var name="spread_zoom" value="0.1"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this -->

<!-- Recoil -->

<var name="recoil_normal" value="1.0"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this -->

<var name="recoil_zoom" value="0.6"/> <!-- spread in zoomed mode + mods affect this -->

<!-- Fire modes -->

<var name="fire_modes" value="1"/> <!-- 1 = semi, 2 = semi+auto, 3 = semi+auto+burst -->

<var name="fire_rate_semi" value="0.3"/> <!-- minimum time between bullets in semi mode -->

<var name="fire_rate_auto" value="0.08333"/> <!-- time between bullets on full auto -->

<var name="fire_rate_burst" value="0.1"/> <!-- time between bullets in burts mode -->

<var name="fire_burst_count" value="1"/> <!-- the amount of bullets to fire in a row in burst mode -->

<var name="fire_offensive" value="3"/> <!-- what thread in SGunLogics this weapon uses when when in offensive -->

<var name="fire_defensive" value="2"/> <!-- what thread in SGunLogics this weapon uses when when in defensive -->

<var name="fire_suppresive" value="3"/> <!-- Sniperrifles wount ever fire more than 1 round, even in this mode -->

<var name="weapon_min_range" value="35000"/> <!-- -->

<var name="weapon_max_range" value="60000"/> <!-- -->

<!-- AI -->

<var name="ai_shoot_delay" value="0.1"/> <!-- normal aim time for ai -->

<var name="ai_reload_delay" value="3.8"/> <!-- relaod time -->

<var name="ai_angle_req_near" value="20"/>

<var name="ai_angle_req_far" value="5"/>

<var name="fire_sound" value="3.0"/>

<var name="fire_supressed" value="3.0"/>

<var name="ai_precision" value="0.08"/>

<var name="ai_fire_until" value="0.5"/>

<var name="ai_fire_until_rand" value="0.5"/>

<!-- Effects -->

<var name="effect_semi_flash" value="g36_muzzle_flash"/> <!-- muzzle effect on semi -->

<var name="effect_auto_flash" value="g36_muzzle_flash"/> <!-- muzzle effect on auto -->

<var name="effect_auto_end" value="g36_muzzle_smoke"/> <!-- smoke effect on barrel after auto -->

<var name="effect_casing" value="762_shell_ejection"/> <!-- name of the casing effect -->

<var name="effect_hit" value="bullet_hit"/> <!-- name of the hit effect -->

<var name="effect_hit_physics" value="bullet_hit_rifle"/> <!-- name of the hit physics effect -->

<var name="bolt_lockup_time" value="0.033"/> <!-- bolt anim -->

<var name="bolt_fire_start_time" value="0.033"/>

<var name="bolt_fire_end_time" value="0.166"/>

<var name="bolt_eject_start_time" value="0.16"/>

<var name="bolt_eject_end_time" value="0.5"/>

<var name="bolt_chamber_start_time" value="0.5"/>

<var name="bolt_chamber_end_time" value="0.8"/>

<var name="bolt_lock_time" value="0.033"/> <!-- bolt lock anim -->-->

<!-- Moddable stats -->

<var name="damage" value="5"/> <!-- weapon damage + mods affect this -->

<var name="weight" value="4"/> <!-- weapon weight + mods affect this -->

<var name="stability" value="0.5"/> <!-- weapon stability + mods affect this -->

<!-- Mods -->

<var name="top_mount" value=""/>

<var name="top_mod" value=""/>

<var name="front_mod" value=""/>

<var name="bottom_mod" value=""/>

<var name="grenade_mod" value=""/>

<var name="grenade_mod_actions" value="true"/>

<var name="anim_auto_to_semi_start_time" value="0.0"/>

<var name="anim_auto_to_semi_end_time" value="0.266"/>

<var name="anim_semi_to_auto_start_time" value="0.266"/>

<var name="anim_semi_to_auto_end_time" value="0.433"/>


<stats block="item_data">

<var name="inventory_slot" value="primary"/>



<soundbank name="scar762_sound$name_ext"/>

<soundbank name="foley_rifle_sound"/>

<default_soundsource source="sound"/>



<unit type="weapon" name="psg1_mag_3rd" slot="12">

<model file="/weapons/psg1/psg1_mag.xml"/>


<soundbank name="foley_rifle_sound"/>

<default_soundsource source="sound"/>





@psg1( _3rd )


Then go to lib, managers, xml and open weapons_data.xml and add

<weapon_data unit="psg1" name="psg1" weapon_id="49" inventory_slot="primary" gui_unit="scar_h" price="60" damage="5" player_weapon="1" grenade="0" cal="762" wizby="2">

<stats caliber="7.62 x 51 mm" rpm="600" velocity="860 m/s" firemodes="SA" capacity="20" info="info_psg1" />

<bar_stats accuracy="1.0" stability="0.7" weight="7" impact="0.8" />

<mods front="false" top="false" bottom="false">



Now go to strings folder and open weapons.xml and add

<string id="weapon_psg1" value="HK PSG1"/>

Go to strings folder and open inventory.xml and add

<string id="stats_caliber_psg1" value="7.62 x 51 mm" />

<string id="stats_firemode_psg1" value="SA" />

<string id="info_psg1" value="Sniper Rifle"/>

Again I put this in my local, english folder and it works fine. Still can't issue it to my teamates yet. Haven't had a chance to work on that. Need someone to delete the scope on the texture files if that is possible. So I can mount workable scope.

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why wouldnt it be?

its one of the most accurate sniper rifles around.

and rebels dont use military gear all the time... black market stuff is pretty popular.

Just a couple months ago several full auto m4s and a PSG1 were stolen from a police truck here in florida.

and one officer in deep shiat for that. PSG1 isnt a cheap rifle.

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it's fragile, its bulky, its heavy, it throws brass a great distance with much force, it doesnt take a bipod unless you use a special stand, it doesn't have a flash hider, it is far too expensive compared to other rifles, it was specifically designed for police, the rebels in GRAW are not just random rebels they are military equipped soldiers, and like you said the PSG1 was stolen from the police not the military. It isn't an assumption, it's a fact that the PSG1 isn't used by military forces. Only possible with GSG9 because they are a military styled police force for dealing with urban counterterrorism. Other than that, no it is not used by any military including the Mexican military. That's why the MSG90 was invented.

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First, wikipedia is not always the best source (but usually not bad), but that may be the original intentions but it still isn't used by military forces. MSG90 was invented because the PSG1 was not successful or even really intented for military use with the possible exception of counterterrorism in an urban environment, but even then there are alternatives.

Once again, prozac, my point is that the rebels in GRAW are supplied with arms from the mexican government because they ARE the mexican government, basically. The mexican military goes rogue in the game. Therefore, they strictly use military arms one would assume. Besides, even if they were just a rebel band I don't think they could afford it, since the Mexican government obviously couldn't.

Let's end this now btw because all i did was make one small comment and now the thread is derailed.

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Always learn somthing knew when researching stuff

"The special forces of Mexico were developed for a combination of reasons. In the Army they were first created in the 1980s as a counter-terrorism unit to provide security for the Soccer World Cup hosted in Mexico."



In other research...

They do use the MSG-90

take a look they have a good bunch of diffrent weapons that didnt even make it into graw and a lot that shouldnt have been.


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PSG1 is used for police AND military applications...so says wikipedia.


Although I think the MSG90 (also by HK) is used more commonly in military applications.


Either way, it is completely legitimate to see the PSG1 in GRAW.

The PSG1 is much nicer than the MSG90 though.

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but less practical as far as military concerns go

Thats definitely true. I only assume they are great according to the H/K website...

Its build and componets though make it seem sick....damn military. Only Snake gets to use ###### like this.... :lol:

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PSG1 is used for police AND military applications...so says wikipedia.


Although I think the MSG90 (also by HK) is used more commonly in military applications.


Either way, it is completely legitimate to see the PSG1 in GRAW.

Actualy, what the article says is that it was designed for military and police, not that it is used by bolth.

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