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Create Your Own Game?


Create Your Own Game?  

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We created a tac shooter out of FC m/p, that's a fact. Sup was always negative from day one, I'd post links for his comments but at this stage I don't much care about his opinion. But he insists on credit for his skin even though the game sucked. Whatever.

We changed everything in OE, including movement speeds and we tweaked weapons to reflect real world damage. Reaper is listed in the credits as technical advisor and for good reason. 2 tours in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger (3rd BN). The game was tactical and we had several GR squads sign on to beta test. Word got out and more GR squads started playing. People bought FarCry to play OE. That's a fact that wasn't lost on Crytek.

There were lots of neat features we incorporated that had never been done before. Bullet hits would spin your ret randomly. Sometimes a little, and sometimes enuf for the guy with the g/l to blow himself up. Night vision that not only looked exactly like the real thing, but "bloomed" when looking at a bright light source. Camo that was truly effective. Check out this link to see the game trailer I put together. You can see how truly effective the camo was. We'd have people lying prone in the grass and the enemy would walk on by, time after time.

Like PZ said, we're striving for bigger and better. And now that we can actually get into all of the code, the sky is the limit. We have a great team put together and we're always looking for more talent. But that's all I can say about OE2 at this stage of the game. The rest is secret. :D

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My answer in this poll is quite obvious. Although we didn't have to buy anything for use of the engine (besides the game and both expansions), we have done what the question in the poll is about.

Wyvern Crown of Cormyr

Sure we used all of the engine that was already there, but we expanded it in several areas. And those expansions took over a year for our scripting team to get working properly.

After working with both RPG and FPS, I must say that RPG is a lot harder to make. It requires more people, mainly because of all the multithread-dialog and story elements that has to be created and written and checked, but also becaus the story is so much more important. Graphics and scripting are about the same.

Would I do it again? Yes. If it's a die-hard team like DLA I would. You have to have a solid core team. You have to be able to trust the people in the group to do their part. You have to have a project lead that will push and demand for deadlines so the project gets done. You have to have people who are flexible, but also at least someone in the team that is specialiced on each area required to complete the project, including tool programmers, webmasters, filesharing servers, commuication software and so on. Without these things, and many more, it's hard to make a multinational online-created game. But it can be done and it's really fun doing it.

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