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Nope....the day is almost over down here in Australia and asfar as I can tell there hasn't been any end of the world events...fair enough I did run out of smokes earlier but that's just a minor disaster and not an "end of the world" thing.

Can't help but to sit here and listen to one of my old favourite songs though, with this date and all. Any takers on what it might be?

Starts with this

Woe to you oh earth and sea.
For the devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows the time is short.
Let him who hath understanding recon the number of the beast.
For it is a human number.
It's number is


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well i woke up too feelin' ok.. But it was a very "hot" day :huh:

Bought a new W900i SE yesterday.. Was file transfering today .. then the ###### frozed up on me.. aparently you have to have it "flashed"?.. I dunno man..

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saw it tick over at midnight on my break. thought if the world ended on my break at work it would be pretty crap. 3 hours work with no pay off.

Im going to be up until after mid night tonight, so ill see what happens....but thats only an hour away.

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That's right, I AM HERE


Isn't that ban worthy... you know... being the devil and all?

Only goths and emo's call them selves the devil/satan or whatever ..

That's right he's here,

thats right he's a queer,

Now you shall run with fear,

dare you go near?

he'll bring you down with a pint of beer,

make you dance with a bear,

with a ring in the ear..

erm.. ok..

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LOL :lol: ... this thread is funny.

If this world is doomed to pulp then it wont happen in something to tacky as 666 linkage. Acult and Numeroligy play there part in many forms thats something that isnt as funny (and worthy a look at if you can be arsed), but the whole entire world ending completely in one single moment and day just because of the 666 link ... nah :shifty: .

Maybe .... its the start of the the tipping point toward the beginning of the end ..... :whistle: Maybe .... its not :whistle::whistle: ... maybe ... I just like using this smiley & the word "maybe" ............... " :whistle: " ..................

Ps good old Tim Lahaye should be looked at with some serious caution (check the game thread out recently in this section for a good linkage) .. nice little brainwash for the followers. "tripe" .. is the word for that. Dont get sucked into the left & right poop.

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all i have is a camel bak... but if i sold my pc and everything for it.. i could probly buy a nice m4 with an eotech and some spears body armor with plates ... no money left for ammo thoe :( doh!

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"Nation Emo Kid Beatdown Day" :rofl: funniest poster.

I turn 19, and become legal, today. And I can't think of a better dude to have on my side than the devil himself. "you're my boy red!" :rocky:

rapture's going to put a damper on my partying/bar hoppin, lets keep this thread going then. :yes:

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Walk in the valley of death... fear no evil.

nuff said.... Satan wants to come bring him on.

you got it wrong promac ..

its "As I walk through the valley of the shaddow of death"...... " I take a look at my life and realise that there's nothing left"...

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