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Church is my number one. Downtown is second just because the zone layout make rounds on this map dont last to long.


There is no bad MP Map in GRAW in my opinion, i like them all but church is my favorite. I hope we will get some rural maps soon.

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Shanty Town definately my favorite with Church coming in at a close 2nd. Warehouse lags way too much for me and Downtown is just odd to me. The supply lines criss-cross too much so it makes it too easy to just run around and capture zones. I like Avenues alot also.

1. Shanty Town

2. Church

3. Avenues

4. Warehouse

5. Downtown

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Warehouse , l love to throw nades in the chemical plant and do everyone freezing


Warehouse, that is my 3rd fave. It is fast becoming my favorite though. Need to do the wedge formation as a team, much better success.

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Have to say that church is my favorite so far. We need more maps, preferably ones not as big as avenues or downtown.

It seems the smaller maps are the favorites.

Smaller maps to me are more appealing.

It seems like thats the way things are going (smaller maps)

I guess a lot of people grow impatient when they walk/run for 5 minutes, only to be shot out of no where at random, and have to do it all over again.

With GR:AW it seems as if the action is majorly in one spot, so after being shot and have to run back to the spot where the action is, it can grow tiring I suppose.

So less running times is best for all.

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