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Respawning teammates after loading savegame?

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Actually after increasing my ghosts damagepoints, I have no need for respawning teammates so you can forget about this post (sorry).


I don't like losing my men one by one because of their suicidal tendencies. I know it's also my responsibility but still it's quite hard to keep them alive.

Does someone here know if it's possible to respawn your teammates e.g. after loading a savegame? Although the ghost AI is far from perfect I really like having them with me, this is a tactical game after all.

An alternative would be to increase their damagepoints so they could outlive more hits, certainly not realistic but you have to admit: in real life the number of casualties in those kind of missions is much lower.

Don't know, but one would say that it's not that hard to program the AI to immediately look for cover when shot at or is it? When in the offensive they do pretty well as far as cover is concerned (although shooting skills are set low in the XML files but I guess that's to stimulate the player to do some shooting too).

EDIT: I made my ghosts "stronger" now. This will only have effect after restarting a mission though.

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