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Question about macromedia flash: Can vectors in flash be shaded with graidents, and remain a vector? I ask because If I export to a .swf file using Photoshop or Fireworks any vectors with a gradient fill are reverted to a solid fill. Also, can you export to a .png from flash?

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If you are exporting from PS, are you sure it is a vector to begin with?

I would also ask if your gradient fill is a layer overlay, or accually painted on. If it is not painted on to the object try that, or just flatening the layer before you export.

I'll look into the PNG today, I dont think you can, but honestly dont know why you would ever want to.

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I tried it again, and discovered that, vectors in fireworks saved as a .swf will retain ALL gradient fills! To answer my own question, vectors in flash can be shaded with gradients.

Here is proof:

This vector in fireworks:


Is exported to this .swf:


[direct link]

Photoshop (Imageready) can export to .swf, however all gradient data is lost.

I'm still curious about exporting to a .png with alpha transparency from flash, because I like to make Icons for my dock, and the dock uses .pngs

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Flash 8 supports gradients on vectors.I don't know about earlier versions.

Other alternative is to create a gradient background, and apply your vector image as a mask to that layer so that only the vector shape shows the gradient.

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