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Request: Quick Save Mod

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I'm mulling over how to do it, but yes, the majority of my focus is elsewhere at the moment.

It's a matter of tracking down the xml file that contains a function call to make a save during a checkpoint and then seeing if we can bind that to a key and assigning the name of it "quick save" instead of "checkpoint #".

I recall seeing the function call somewhere, but I don't know if it can be successfully bound to a key.

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Ok got something

Here is an excerpt from mission01.xml

		<event name="player_landed">

			<element type="DebugString" msg="player_landed" start_time="0.0"/>

			<element type="UnitVisibility" name_id="player_parachute" action="show" start_time="0.0"/>

			<element type="MissionCommand" name="tutorial" action="start" start_time="1.0"/>

			<element type="EnableHud" start_time="1.0"/>

			<element type="SaveGame" name="check_point01" start_time="2.0"/>

			<element type="Backdrop" action="hide" start_time="3.0"/>

			<element type="RemoveVehicle" vehicle_id="c130"start_time="5.0"/>

			<element type="TriggerEvent" event="tutorial_waypoint" start_time="3.0"/>

			<element type="Music" cue="1" start_time="10.0"/>

Just need to figure out how to create a new event I'm thinking. This event is defined:
		<user name="c130_cleared" type="once">

			<trigger type="TransportCleared" vehicle_id="c130" group_id="friendly1"/>

			<event name="player_landed"/>


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Hi, I suspect I'm not the only one, but I could really use a mod that allows me to save any time I want.

Anyone to produce such a mode would have my unending appreciation! :)

Until a mod comes out, I have an alternative for you: I wrote some time-based savepoints in my missionXX.xml files. It's a matter of 3 minutes work for each mission.

(Small note though: After reloading a time-based savepoint there won't be any of them again UNTIL the next standard savepoint occurs). Basically this method gives you as many extra savepoints as you like but when using one of them, this new autosave won't be there until the next standard savepoint because only then it gets triggered again (sorry, not English so I use to many words :blink: ) Anyway: in most missions there a a few "frustrationpoints" (what do you think of standing underneath a bunker before throwing a grenade, very dangerous in this game because of the"not-so-well implemented throw" (sorry Grin) :wall: There you have it: an extra saving point! Do I have to mention The Embassy :wall: Extra saving points!

What you'll have to do is the following. Say, you want extra timebased savepoints in mission3, go to the mission03.xml file. If you look closely you see it's made up of various blocks that start with:

<event name="bla bla">
they end like:
In some of those blocks you'll find a line like:
<element type="SaveGame" name="check_point03" start_time="4"/>
That ofcourse, is the standard savepoint. Now: insert the following lines (ONLY the lines starting with: "element type"!!) in the "event-block" AFTER (!!) the "event-block" where the standard savepoint can be found (can you still follow me? So the block after the one with standard savepoint, will look like:

<event name="trigger_drop_point">

<element type="SaveGame" name="check_point03-05min" start_time="300"/>

<element type="SaveGame" name="check_point03-10min" start_time="600"/>

<element type="SaveGame" name="check_point03-15min" start_time="900"/>

etc. etc.

Do this for each standard saving point (if you wish). Ofcourse you can add as many lines as you like or change the time intervals.

I did this because I got fed up of blowing myself up with my own grenades...


EDIT: I see Insane snyper is now also bussy with this. I hope he'll find a way to get it to trigger

(that's something I'd rather not find out myself... I've been modding this game for a week now and because of that I'm still at Mission 4... I want to play, play, play :o=

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Well, I figured out how to add an interesting new gameplay element.... When a team mate gets killed it saves the game :) . This way you can trade in a mate for a savepoint :lol:

Still working on something practical though.

Hi Snyper,

Earlier today I had the idea to test something like triggering it by shooting a teammate in the foot :whistle: Actually I think that's better then nothing. Do you think if that's possible?

A couple of days ago I tried getting the game saved when killed myself, that didn't work though (would be not very logical to I guess)

Keep up the good work, maybe you'll find the holy grail (well, actually I don't want too many extra savepoints, that would ruin the tension....

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Hummm, I've run up against a sort of 'roadblock'. This is a funny one too.

mission_template.xml is in some foreign language!

Looking for a translator now.

Hi insane,

I think the language is Swedish. I pasted the following text from the mission_template.xml into the site:


denna fil preloadar units som är univeralt för alla banor, så den ska man ha med för att slippa en del spawnhack

and got the following result:

that file preloadar units as is univeralt for all banor , so the ska husband had with for that let autumn a bit spawnhack

which is as clear as ditchwater !

Sorry I can't be of more assistance ..

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that file preloadar units as is univeralt for all banor , so the ska husband had with for that let autumn a bit spawnhack

which is as clear as ditchwater !

Sorry I can't be of more assistance ..


I hate to say it, but I give up. We need to create a new event which responds to a keystroke, and I cant find a single place where anything is done in response to a keystroke in the .xmls, so I dont even know where to start.

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At the start of every mission the player needs to press the action / use key to exit the chopper or vehicle, immediatley after this the game saves.

If this could be replicated during the mission then the action key might be used to quicksave ?

from mission02 xml

<event name="activate_bud_leave">

<element type="Backdrop" action="hide" start_time="0.0"/>

<element type="DebugString" msg="activate_bud_leave" start_time="0.0"/>

<element type="SaveGame" name="check_point01" start_time="1.0"/>

I'm guessing that the event name="activate_bud_leave" displays the dialog box to press the action key.

If the "msg",the message box,was removed and the start_time set to a wildcard *.* would this mean that you could save at any time ?

Maybe I'm way off the mark here but it might help.

Regards ...


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