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Functional team deathmatch mod

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Ahem.. ahem...

Functional team deathmatch mod is on it's way. Still working out a couple of kinks to integrate it more smoothly without affecting domination maps, but that may not be possible. At the moment it's looking like you'll have to run either TDM -OR- Domination rather than having the ability to swtch smoothly between either.

Much thanks to Desmond for hinting at how to manage it, even if he didn't know he was hinting at it. :ph34r:

Weeeeeee! Will post specifics in the next day or so. Haven't yet had the opportunity to test it much, but in my own dry runs it operates quite well. The initial spawn zones (bases) are still active and WILL tell when enemies enter them as per the domination code, but once outside the bases, you will have no idea where anyone is and the game doesn't end until one team is dead or the timer runs out. If the timer runs out and players on both teams are still alive, it's counted as a tie (no apparent way to change this yet, so please don't ask). The catch is, if unlimited respawns are on, every match will end in a tie since it doesn't calculate scores and assess victory from that.

And yes, you will be able to use any weapon in the game with any attatchment regardless of tactical points. Will update soon.

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Alright, quick update.

At current I now have functional:

Every MP domination map functioning in TDM format.

Removed friendly and enemy counters that tell you how many people are in your current zone.

Altered price on all weapons and addons to allow you to bring whatever you like with you right from the beginning of the map.

I've also essentially figured out how to make the maps into Hamburger Hill maps as well, but as with the TDM, I'm still having trouble finding a way to integrate the choices as seperate maps so that we don't have to lose the ability to swap between TDM, Domination and HH without moving files around.

I believe I can also alter the spawn locations and the overall size of the map, but I'm unsure if that will cause stability problems when people step outside the map borders or if it will simply give the standard "leaving the combat area" message. There's even a remote possibility of random team spawn locations. That will take some more work looking into though, possibly for a later updated version. No promises on either of those.

Still looking for a way to remove the initial spawn overlays on the map entirely so that it will never tell you when an enemy has entered your spawn (or tell either team where that spawn is for that matter if I ever get randomized spawns working).

At current, inventory can still be changed by going back to your original spawn and going into your inventory. Not sure what to do about that yet, or if I can disable it as it may lead to teams camping spawns and constantly grenade bombing since they'd be able to buy unlimited amounts.

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Resolved issue with base zones drawn on map and enemy markers drawn on map when in a friendly base zone.

Also modified the hud to remove unnecessary information and frames (where the zone capture bars and whatnot were and the tac points).

Still having some issues with silly little circles being drawn on the map over the initial spawn zones (the background icons behind the text label for each zone on the minimap). Trying to track them down and eliminate them, but they're sneaky buggers... not in the places I'd expect them to be. They're not really a huge deal, but they annoy me. :P

All told, pretty much done with the initial version. Just have to track down those circles and find the right file to edit the map in the TAB screen as well. Looking at either a release tonight or tomorrow.

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Still can't get rid of those damn circles... Not going to worry about it for now since it doesn't really impact much at this point.

Zone markers are all gone, enemy markers are gone, unnecessary hud items are removed, tab screen map is corrected...

The only thing to do now is test it in MP and see if it scores properly. Up to this point I've only been testing on my own in lan servers to get everything tweaked properly. I'm modestly concerned that it might consider EVERYTHING a tie, which is why I need someone to test it with (or test it for me, I'm going to bed soon... way too late for me).

The way it stands now, the game engine still runs even when there are no zones on the domination maps. So what this does is it removes all but the two base zones (required for spawn points) and removes a bunch of hud items that are unnecessary like tac points, etc. If time runs out and people are alive on both sides, it considers the match a tie. As stated earlier, I don't know how to alter that or if it's even possible at this point.

One step closer on realizing random spawns as well. Not worth going into detail about that yet, though.

Regardless, here is the file for anyone that wants to give it a shot. Again, this is still UNTESTED (read: beta). While it's certainly not going to wreck your game, I cannot yet confirm that everything will work or even that it's possible to get everything to work. It -SHOULD- work, but time and testing will tell.

Download Link for Team Deathmatch mod

In case you haven't guessed yet, this must be running on both server and client. You WILL have to remove it or rename the local folder to play domination mode normally again.

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Bloody fantastic Ted,

Looking froward to playing it ASAP.

In regards to map size - will it be possible to shrink them - have u determined that yet?

Actually another thing that ocurred to me - have u relabelled the GameType so that when ppl are looking for Server Typw they will see Coop, Domination and 'Deathmatch' ?

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Bloody fantastic Ted,

Looking froward to playing it ASAP.

In regards to map size - will it be possible to shrink them - have u determined that yet?

Actually another thing that ocurred to me - have u relabelled the GameType so that when ppl are looking for Server Typw they will see Coop, Domination and 'Deathmatch' ?

Haven't tested map size yet. I know for certain that I can move the spawn points, so that's the first step in resizing the maps, since shrinking them too far would put the original spawns outside the map boundaries.

Have not relabelled the gametype. Still looking for some way to put new maps into the maplist, but for the life of me I can't figure out where the list itself is. At this point I'm not sure either is possible, but I fully intend to keep looking just in case. What this does precisely is modify all the zones in domination mode so that the game runs without them. So unless I can figure out how to simply label them differently, then it will always have to be listed as Domination even when they're being played as TDM.

That will obviously create some problems, so I'm hoping I can find some other way around it, but it won't be tonight. It's 3:30 am here and I've been up since 6am. :wacko: Needless to say at the moment my head's a bit fuzzy. I'll look into it again in the morning and see what I can find on all three questions. Let me know how it works out if you guys happen to test it.

ghostaholic link:

Team Deathmatch mod

@ TedSmith: I added "beta" word to the rar file, just in case u keep working on it.

Thanks. I probably should have labelled it that. I just didn't think about it until after I had the thing put together and posted. :P Getting a little ahead of myself, I suppose.

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Hey Ted, you should hit GRIN up for a job :whistle:


All in all, great work. Cant wait till my PC gets fixed so I cn try it out.

How were you able to save changes to the maps ... ie new spawn locations?

did you save the new modded map?

Great work... quick question?

how do i know who is hosting a team deathmatch map?

i joined a server that said Domination and i got this error

Crash in application version: grpcrc1.10

data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypedomination.dsf(-1): cant find member: new_under_attack_by in type <scriptTCList>

ok i got that error cause the server i joined was domination...

so if you want to create your own TDM server you have to load a domination map with this mod installed... i didnt read that anywhere.

So its kinda hard to tell whos running TDM servers unless they put it in their server description.. still a cool breakthrough... is it possible to change the spawnpoints? like have one side start on the bridge and the otherone on the other side... then add cars and stuff in between... that would be cool

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Sweet. Sounds like GRAW is on track to be true sucessor to GR1 whether UBI likes it or not. ;)

Here's a question. Will we be able to have any 'and all' attachemnt??? I really, really, really don't see why taking a silencer should mean you can't also take a tac grip. Very silly restriction.

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good job TED :thumbsup:

We'll we had an awesome time on TDM... this is where GRAW will shine... it was a blast... now if GRIN will give us Spectator mode we can limit the lives to one... just like [GR] and Ravenshield... and be ready for some kickass matching.

BTW grin... its hard to match with Domination, and Deathmatch mode...

TDM rules!!

Good job Ted...

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