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Having Problems [mouse lag] need help!

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I have been having problems with my sons computer and am at a loss.

He has: Athalon 3500+

GForce 6600 with 256 mb Ram

200 Gig hd

1 GIG Ram ddr

He can run the game however his mouse is lagging to the point that he cannot play. It will not smooth out at all.

I have Updated all of his drivers and still no help.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Your mouse lag probably has to do with low in-game video FPS. Here is a quote from the "Identified Issues / Solutions / FAQ" topic.....found here

"5. Poor performance, low FPS and choppy play

The "smooth mouse" like issue appears if your framerate is too low."

We need to start there first. Do you have FRAPS so you can check your FPS in-game?

I'm sure we can figure out your problem.

Here is a search I did with the topic of "mouse lag" under the "Tech Support" ..........here Hope you can find some answers there.



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