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First pseudo add-on weapon


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So I now have three versions of the SCAR in my game.

Mk.17. Mod.0 SCAR-H (unmodifed other than name, and adding all scope choices - aimpoint, eotech, and sniper scope)

Mk.16. Mod.0 SCAR-L (unmodifed other than name, and adding all scope choices - aimpoint, eotech, and sniper scope)

Mk.16 Mod.1 SCAR-L chambered for 6.8SPC. I basically averaged the recoil and damage specs between the L and H versions, then skinned it with a 25rd 6.8 mag from PRI


The only problem at this point is that I can assign the weapon to myself, and use it in a game.

But as soon as I try to assign it to one of my team mates, the game crashes.

If anybody can figure out the deal, let me know.

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That other guy solved the problem. Check out his EOTech thread. He told me how to do it.

PS: I just replaced the picture with a smaller one showing the info string. You might need to clear you cache to see it.

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Awesome work man! Showing GRIN a thing or two about how this game should be!

Here is a little inspiration for you modders.

SCAR-L with scope and 18 inch barrel + suppressor

Wow sweet image would love that as well.

Thanks for the mod will test out ASAP.

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First, I just want to say this is a great addition to the game. Thanks for the great mod, I am really enjoying this.

Second, I also could not get the install to work as the readme states. I extracted to my C root but I still had to copy the local folder over. No big deal.

Third, I am still able to pick up clips from enemy soldiers. Is this a bug or the game text only says 6.8mm but still actually uses the 5.56mm??

Again, this is great and just added some replay value to the game for me. And at the ranges that I can zoom in to now, accuracy really matters. I'm leaving the grenade launcher off from now on :)

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eclipse... whered u get that pic?

I've got a couple dozen photos of the SCAR in different configurations. I could post a few more if you like or send them your way if you want.

Here is another of the Mk.17 (SCAR-H) just for kicks. Notice they are using Tango Down forgrips on these now which I prefer over the one that FN was using at first.


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This is a good mod indeed.... for COOP

I personally think this mod or change adding or whatever you wanna call it is a cheat.

Why ? Because players are able to use this in any game even on Domination.

People that dont own or run the mod wont be able to use these tools wich makes it an unfair advantage !.

How are people able to play a fair match scrim or anything ?

Cause you dont know if they are using this mod or not !

I think bringing out such mods is bad for the GRAW community and modders should wait untill GRAW supports mod selection just as in the former versions of Ghost Recon.

Im not trying to give the mod a bad name because it is nice work the only problem is that your able to use it anytime and on every server.

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