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Does this interfere with general online CooP play?

For e.g, if I join someone elses game on Gamespy, will it cause issues as such?

Sounds awesome though, really does.

The sort of changes that would be good on setting CooP to harder skill levels ingame as such.

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GR:AW Community Mod Pack v1.0 should not cause any problems with CO-OP gameplay on Gamespy. This mod can be deleted by removing the "local" folder that will be created in your "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter" folder. There is no need to extract any bundle files to run this mod. Just follow the simple self installer.

The mod can be downloaded from (Thank you Rocky :) :


GRAW Community Mod Pack v1.0:

The GR:AW Community Mod Pack v1.0 gives GR:AW a more "hardcore" immersive feeling when playing CO-OP. There are no friendly green diamonds anymore (**Make sure to have your Target Markers unchecked in the GR:AW Options**). This will force teams to look before shooting. You must really work as a team and use your voice comms, know your team's location relative to you. Identify the target yourself, it just may be a friendly or not.

With the 1.10 Patch, the chat box was made optional, clearing up your view. With that said, the GRAW Community Mod Pack v1.0 removes the Nar Com video window as well. All Nar Com broadcasts remain as audio only, so you will still receive important mission briefing details.

The addition of the Blood Mod v1.0 makes it very clear when you hit a tango or when anyone on your team is being hit.The look is very much like that of GR1, in terms of the blood spray. The Blood Mod v1.0 will add to the immersion of any mission.


Nar Com Removal

Author: Creatch

Removes the Nar Com Video window from the HUD.

Removing Friendly Tags

Author: TedSmith

Removes all "friendly" diamonds (Ghosts and vehicles). In Ghost Recon 1 terms, no IFF.

**Make sure to have your Target Markers unchecked in the GR:AW Options**

Blood Mod v1.0

Author: DiGiTALY -TC-

This gives the Ghosts and tangos a larger and more noticeable blood spray when hit.

**Make sure to have your Effects set to "High" or "Medium"**

>>Special Thanks<<


Without Nemon's .bundle file extractor application, none of this xml file modding

would be possible.


His use of the localization path, has made it possible to run these xml mods easily

and without increased loading times.

Packaged by:



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Ok how can reinable the IFF triangles.

If you really want the IFF green diamonds back, then go to:

C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\local\english\GUI

Inside the GUI folder, remove the markers.xml file.

Delete/remove the local folder to get rid of the mod if you want to also.


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Silent. You are de snecking maaaaaayyyn.

That narcom thing should never have been video anyway. You fixed it.

the friendly markers are off. Can anyone say GR1 yeehaaaa.

I'm that bit closer to laying out for a new card so i can buy and play GRAW because of you. Now who said mods didn't make game devs any money? ;)

Er. Could someone get some vids up of GRAW running with the mod on please.

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This is very very cool! Thanks for putting these tweaks together to a single mod-pack. *thumbs up*

I look forward to the next versions when even more tweaks get worked out, this is the beginning...

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I love this mod, It make you think before you act, and the blood mod offers a very nice visual indicator. It makes CO-OP so much more fun because you have to slow down and be purposful in your movement.

It has an interesting effect on Dom mode as well with no friendly diamonds. You can't just shoot everything you see anymore.

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Sorry for being too late, but here is the ghostaholic link:

Community Mod v1.0

I remembered foxhound a little late. Thank you guys for making the mod available from your site as well.

"I love this mod, It make you think before you act,"

"You can't just shoot everything you see anymore."

This is exactly what I hoped would be the result. I'm glad you all like this so much. This sort of feedback says a lot about MP (CO-OP and adversarial). We are not all a bunch of arcade run-n-gun bunnies.


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I'm sure how you can fix this, but if you want I can try emailing you the GR:AW Community Mod v1.0 as a .exe file (the installer only).

Just PM me your email address.


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Hey guys, I need some help. I just got a new computer and every .rar file I download saves itslef as a .rar document and when I double click to install it opens in notepad. How to I fix this?

1) Open up a folder that has an rar file in it.

2) Right-click on file and go to the "Open With" sub-menu

3) Select "Choose Program..." from the list

4) Go through the list until you find winrar, select it and place a checkmark in the box that says always use this program.

Alternately, download and re-install winrar. It will reset itself as the default program to open rar files.

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