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Can someone help me with the Ingame-Map-editor


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I'm trying to use the ingame-mapeditor by the method you can read below these lines but all I get is a ghost on a grey plane in an empty world.

I did set the post-processing to "false", and I use a clean 1.06 install for this purpose. Is someone willing to help me a bit on this please? Thanks in advance!


Here's the method I use (from Vlad):

"Can get it directly with these lines.

<script base="data" exec="menu/menu" editor="false"/>

<script base="data" exec="levels/mission03/mission03" editor="false"/> 

<script base="data" exec="levels/street/street" editor="false"/> 

<script base="data" exec="levels/animation/animation" editor="false"/>

<script base="data" exec="levels/e3vision/e3vision" editor="false"/>

<script base="data" exec="levels/ai_test/ai_test" editor="false"/>

<script base="data" exec="levels/e3street/e3street" editor="false"/>

<script base="data" exec="levels/editor/editor" editor="true" enforce_texture_sets="false"/>
paste those under this line.
<script base="data" exec="menu/menu" editor="false" language="english"/>

I enabled most of the things to make editor show more than empty space.

handy way to use the editor when you wish and without loading trough the lan.

Correct me if im wrong."

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[i already posted this on the "maps forum" but I don't think many people are reading there at the moment. Sorry for the double posting]

[Merged into existing thread - Please stick to existing thread and forum, multiple threads & forums will just confuse things]

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<variable name="post_effect_quality" value="off"/>

I did set the post-processing to "false",

Hmm, well it should be that command above

Thanks Ben but yes, I did do that already (otherwise the whole screen is black). ..

try changing the line in the context file to

<script base="data" exec="levels/editor/editor" editor="true" enforce_texture_sets="false"/>

I left the rest and it works fine, abit unstable. Another handy one is to copy a shortcut to you desk top and in the properties under comment add -editor

that takes you straight to it. Use the spacebar to enable/disable the camera, usual ASWD moves.



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