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Ageia PhysX card ? Is it worth the Purchase

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I played a quad SLI rig at E3 that had the PhysX card in it, at the Ageia booth. Both GRAW and Cell Factor lagged when the PhysX card took the hit. I'd guess that at this point the bugs in the drivers or the card haven't been ironed out.

I also played GRAW on a quad SLI rig w/no PhysX card. It ran like a raped ape.

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My store has it in and want to know is the card worth the purchase from those who on the card and are playing GRAW.

Does the card make the game look that much great does it help the game from crashing just a few questions that come to mind.

Unlike some, I own an Ageia PhysiX PPU card. It runs fine with the Ageia driver on release from 2.4.3 BETA-1 Release Date: May 5, 2006.

There was issues in the early driver. but they are long gone !

I have run Ageia PhysiX on single & Sli mode and both ran fine with current driver.

Currently running Ageia with 7900GTX-OC SLi and NO PROBLEMS to REPORT.

If you got $200 and your GFX card can cut the mustard !!! then it's your choice.

It does not stop your game crashing. Check your rig & drivers !

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Actually I can confirm two other users who have NO PPU slowdowns. They used GRAW 1.06 with the latest (beta) Physix drivers AND the both have dual-core AMDs. If you consider the latest GRAW patch, and its PPU optimizations and improvments, it should be safe to say that the performance issue is history as long as you a have dual-core CPU (just to be on the safe road).

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I also know 2 peeps who have it and they dont have any slow downs what so ever, They also run dual core processors, One AMD and one Intel.

I would get one myself if i had the cash, GRAW may not show a big visual jump in physics but future games will be awesome!

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I would say that it may really come down to a matter of taste. The PPU enhanced effects seem to exagerate explosions and nothing more (in GR:AW). This is what I recall from the Ageia video clips. Sure the explosions look really cool, I loved the way they looked also. For those looking for more "realistic" explosions it would seem that the non PPU enhanced physics is more realistic (based on past forum discussions).

I would buy one, but maybe not for GR:AW. What I'm really interested in is how a PPU could be used in GR:AW to add to the actual realism of "real world" physics to the GR:AW environment. How about the "unseen effects" (for starters: force, gravity, friction, mass, and velocity)? For example: When a helicopter is hovering above the trees (during fast rope inserts), are the branches, objects, tangos being affected by the rotor wash? Is there a difference in sliding on sand as opposed to sliding on pavement? Will kit weight actually affect my overall mass? Maybe in an expansion Pack GRIN will have more time to explore and make better use of PPU enhanced effects for more realism and not just eye-candy. Of course the eye-candy is damn cool looking though, but I want more real world physics from a $300 card.

For the record:

Some developers may code for physics with more "realism" than others (depending on the game's design direction). This is something that occurs all the time. Look at two of the cards we all use the most, graphics cards and sound cards.


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So far I am aware of one person in our group that has one for 200 euros and he said the videos provided so far do not do the PPU justice. On the other hand he has a very high end PC so you might need to work for NASA to get the full effect :P

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