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Magnum's SimHQ review is up

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Yes its a good read, a lot of thought obviously went into it.

Some of the the issues are already fixed and more to be done.

His conclusion I would say represents a lot of the gameing community.

Haveing said that we have been told more will be added, its the momentum that needs to be maintained this is very importent.

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Very nice to see another balanced review . . . I'm pretty blown away by Magnum's screens . . . my computer is only a few notches less than his, and my game looks NOTHING like that.

Weird, I thought the screenshots looked "poor" compared to my PC. I saw more "jaggies" in those screenshots than I've seen ingame (maybe I just never noticed them). I've always thought that the shadows and dynamic lightng more than made up for the lack of AA... but I can see the point if you are on the struggling end of the hardware requirements.

I think this goes some way towards explaining the mixed reactions to GRAW. My PC is by no means top of the range, but it looks way better than those screens. IF you have the hardware, it looks amazing - if you don't, it doesn't look good enough to justify the performance hits. Not very scalable, maybe... but it WILL look truly incredible with the hardware of next year.

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