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Mission #2: coup d'etat

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I played GR for the first time in sept 2006 when I was at work in Afghanistan...

Now I'm replaying but got stuck in the 2nd Mission Coupe d'etat or something.

I'm in the parking facility and everything is knocked out except for the tank outside.

I remember that one has to pick up anti tank weapons or something...but WHERE? Can't find it.

Grenade launcher doesn't do any harm. Anybody want to remind me?

thx, C

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Once you go up the ramp and into the second floor of the parking garage you should trigger the checkpoint (you'll hear an audible" boink" and a text msg should display), then continue up to the third floor (roof) and the UH60 should be in the process of landing or already down. Then it is just a matter of following the above posted directions.

If you have managed to get up to the roof without triggering the next objective you just might have to retrace your steps to look for any patrols, snipers, etc., left behind and holding up the show. Or you can try loading an earlier check/savepoint than the one you are currently using. And worse case scenario...just restart the level from scratch.

You did not mention what version of the game you are running but v1.35 is the last and most stable of the bunch.

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On the stock main game splash (Campaign, Multiplayer, Profile, etc.) it is displayed in the lower left-hand corner...Version grpcrc*.**.

The snipers on the rooftops surrounding the carpark (obj) are not what I was referring to...I meant any bots not accounted for from a previous objective, such as VIPs' last known position-or whatever. It has been reported that sometimes if you don't get them all (or one in particular) it can foul up the next trigger.

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You are running the original release candidate, so it would be wise to update the program if you intend on playing online -or even if you are SP only- not to mention all of the hot fixes there is additional content/maps, you will want to patch.


Just one opinion but you could consider the :AW* series 1A and 1B; both are good games, each have their own strenths and weaknesses, so as long as you don't have high expectations that either will offer the same type of gameplay as Ghost Recon did, or are compatible between the two, both are worth picking up.

Good luck.

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Assuming that you have successfully triggered the UH60 resupply (by entering the 2nd floor of the carpark), follow the directions of Post#47 on this page...go up to the roof, approach the helos open door, and a txt message should display listing the default key allowing you to enter the inventory window. Once in, click on the (low-far right) backpack slot and the Zeus should display in the (left) item column -select it- if you are unable to you might have to lighten your current loadout. You can also re-equip/re-supply your team at the same time and in the same manner.

Then it is just a matter of using the Zeus on that tank...which has also been covered throughout the pages of this topic as well.

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So here’s a mini review on GRAW 2006.

Using my much loved system, let’s start with the graphics.


The graphics are good, and quite good for their time, but I think it’s more so the games scale and draw distance than the raw quality of the graphics, and I’m maxing this game at 1920x1200 on my 26in LCD, but as I said, they look good and still hold up today somewhat.

The character animations are reasonable and the guns look and sound good, and have impact.

I think we should give this game 8.5 for its graphics bearing in mind it came out in 2006.

2…..Sound and use of sound.

I think this aspect was fairly good, but as usual, the voice acting from both sides was weak and weird at times, for example, my own team-mates would shout that they’d moved into position whilst we were scouting for enemies…..not smart!!

The game is also interactive with a small windowed com, and I thought that worked quite well.



Not too bad, you’re basically an advanced group following orders given from command, and you control up to 3 men, a UAV{unmanned Ariel vehicle} and can also order airstrikes etc.

The storyline is arguably typical but realistic and appropriate, so I have no gripes with it, and it breaks the monotony of the usual run and gun FPSer…..of course, this is a stealthy tactical type of game, you can’t run and gun and you need to rely on your team at times.

Your team-mates AI is okay but certainly could be better, ie, you’ve generally got to use them as your defence otherwise the dummies always seem to get themselves killed, but they definitely come in handy at times, even if there are a few issues with the AI.

In 2006 I dled the demo and played it on my 19in CRT…..I remember thinking this game has polish but isn’t my type, however, when played on a much larger monitor, this game{and all games] comes alive, especially this one as it’s more of a long range shooter, so being able to see things/enemies by virtue of a large monitor makes a hell of a difference.

I liked the weapons, and found that the sniping worked very well+ the lean/peak and zoom is a necessity in this game, and is well executed.

The game also has a map that allows you to see a area of maybe a few square kilometres or whatever….at first I though this would be pointless and kind of cheating, but it’s both useful and necessary, especially to locate long distance snipers, ie, it will show you where the snipers and the enemies are, but don’t assume killing them is a piece of cake.

This game is fairly hard and as soon as you drop your guard you’ll most likely be killed, however, it doesn’t have a manual saving option and this sux when a game is relatively difficult….I must admit this puts me off as I normally prefer run and gun style games, so it certainly tries my patience, but fans of this type of genre presumably demand this type of realism.

I’m a bit ADD when it comes to gaming, so I normally wouldn’t play this game, but it’s a polished game that both draws and repels me with it’s difficulty/gameplay and annoying save point system…..that said, GRAW2 has more frequent save points and whilst we’re discussing the game, a much better UAV+better graphics……which almost prompts me to drop this game and put all my time and energy into GRAW2, which is what I might end up doing if GRAW frustrates me any further.

8.5/10 for being good, but not outstanding.

4….Subjective appeal.

Well as I said, these type aren’t the one’s I normally go for, and I get the feeling that it’s going to be GRAW2 that wins me over, but I guess with it’s reasonably strong and cohesive gameplay it deserves props, but as I mentioned, the save system really ###### me off, in fact, I’m on holidays atm, it’s quite possible I would’ve broken the game disc if I’d attempted this game during my time off after work, as I want to have fun, not be frustrated, especially by such a pissweak oversight.

6/10…..probably would be 8 with a better save system.

5…..Objective demerits, bugs etc.

The save system is going to cost this game, which is unfortunate, as everything else works well…….it always amazes me that developers ever ignore a manual save system…..one can always play on the hardest level if they want ultra difficulty.

The poor save system coupled to a difficult game make for a heavy penalty, of course, I’ve made you well aware of why I’m marking it down, and perhaps most people won’t care, or want to sneak and crawl around in a bid to ensure survival, but me, I usually just want to blast some ###### and have fun whilst doing it.

5/10….this is similar to a Deadspace ###### up, ie, Deadspaces ######ed controls would cost it big time if I ever bothered to review it, although that’ll be a neat trick as I can’t be bothered to even play the POS with such an impediment.

NOTE….GRAW2 has better save points, although, it only offers you one health bar and no option to replenish, so this could and probably will force you back a few save points at times, but this is most likely a better system than in GRAW.

So we get 7.4/10 , but as I said, if all they did was improve the save system, it would be bumped to about 8/10 overall…..which is what I suspect GRAW2 will rate.

FYI, any game that rates 8 or over is worth playing, but that assumes you’re on the same page as I am.

Would love a GRAW3 with Crysis graphics and destructible environment{Graw’s environment has minor levels of destructibility}, but they need to keep and advance Graw’s weapons…..no need to bring Crysis’s poor weapons along.

I’m expecting FO3 in the mail, so I’ll wait for that, but I will eventually get a copy of GRAW2.

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Your team-mates AI is okay but certainly could be better, ie, you’ve generally got to use them as your defence otherwise the dummies always seem to get themselves killed, but they definitely come in handy at times, even if there are a few issues with the AI.

The secret is to use the COVER order (very important), and have some understanding of proper squad movement. The whole reason soldier A covers his lane is not just to shoot enemies, that's not the REASON that's the result. The reason is to keep soldier B from getting blindsided as he covers his lane.

With practice this can become a fairly fluid task for the squad leader as you move from street to street. I honestly can't remember the last time I lost a soldier. The only time I do is when there are simply too many enemies + tanks + panhards and all that crap, like at the end of mission 3.

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That's interesting, cause if it works for me, then one of my major gripes disappears and this will mean that I prefer GRAW to GRAW2......I'm not sure how this website would vote, but at another gaming forum, they favoured GRAW2, but I think GRAW is the best.

Trouble is, I'm playing and liking Stalker CS atm.

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Btw, do you consider GRAW2 to be a better game than GRAW{I have the demo}...?

I like GRAW1 more, although before I procede I must make it clear I'm still waiting for a proper GR sequel. But keeping on topic, GRAW seems less linear than GRAW2. You must understand though that I have removed the narcom from both games, as well as all of the A.I. chatter, except for command responses ("yes sir", "moving now", "covering north", "enemies spotted" etc etc). Removing the constant babysitting from "Bud" and General whats-his-name gives me some illusion of freedom in both games, but because GRAW1 is a little more open, these "cleanup mods" as I call them have a greater impact on the game's feel.

BTW, when I grow frustrated with the lack of "GR" in GRAW, all I do is play the 360 arcade version for a few minutes, and I come running back to PC GRAW like a man on fire jumping into a swimming pool.

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  • 4 weeks later...

So I played about 20-30% of GRAW2 and gave it away......so I'm back with GRAW, the original and the best, however, I've run into a problem at "Strong Point", specifically the roadblock section.

At first I used my own Zeus on the enemy tank, but when I progressed and need to order the apatche to strike the 3 other tanks, it wouldn't respond.........so did I make a mistake using Zeus on the first tank at the roadblock.

I also patched it to 1.06....which lost my saved games, but luckily, it allows me to choose "Strong Point" as a new starting point in the game.

Btw, do you consider GRAW2 to be a better game than GRAW{I have the demo}...?

I like GRAW1 more, although before I procede I must make it clear I'm still waiting for a proper GR sequel.

I hope they make a PC exclusive and use at least Crysis standard of Graphics.

It's interesting that they claim GRAW2 is built for the PC, but it isn't much better than GRAW, and I found the gameplay to be poor compared to GRAW.

Things we need to keep it modern are weather effects, more physics, proper day night cycle etc......but at least the guns and the gun mechanics are pretty good......compare it to FO3.

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...so I'm back with GRAW, the original and the best...

Might need a qualifier there.

...so did I make a mistake using Zeus on the first tank at the roadblock.
Not sure, but if you have a Zeus you should be able to use it to kill the M1 while still being able to call in CAS later on the M109s with the Cross-Com menu. I don't think I've ever seen any reports of this type of a sequencing glitch.

If you have the SPs in sight when you attempt to call in the strike and you get no response you just might have to reload the savegame prior to clearing the roadblock and use the Cross-Com to call in an air strike on the tank as well, instead of the using the AT, and seeing if that pans out.

I also patched it to 1.06...
Is there a specific reason you are only patched to v1.06? As stated previously, v1.35 contains a bunch of hot fixes (including mouse#2 glitches), GUI revisions, and new content/maps.
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Whoops, just call me the dopiness master...I'm installing 1.35 now.

When I first tried the roadblock{unpatched}, I used my own Zeus to take out the tank, at which point, the guy came on screen and said airstrike now unavailable, so that's why I thought I should've used the airstrike on the tank rather than the Zeus.

Q.....with the 3 M109's....can I destroy them one by one, or is it a all in one hit?

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I was not aware that there was a Actor variable in that mission...just goes to show that you learn something every day, and that some scripter at GRIN had a twisted sense of humor.



They are in 3 separate locations and require 3 separate orders.

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I'm in the second mission on the roof and have picked up a Zeus from a chopper. I need to take out a tank. My problem is that can't find it in my weapons when I go looking for it ... just grenades. Help a pensioner out ...........please.


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Merged with the existing Mission 2 discussion thread, Where that has already been asked and answered before - EG see posts # 23+24+25
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