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Simplified instruction (A laymans how to)

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First off let me say I did not work out any of the mods here, they were done by people far more capable than me. All I'm doing is putting the instructions in easy to understand terms for people like me who are worried about delving into the Modders Dark Arts ;)

So props to:

DiGiTALY -TC for his work on the Localisation stuff Here

And to RaToN for his Clean Hud V3

So on to the instructions ;)

Download Clean Hud V3 from Here

Browse to your GR:AW folder and select the Data folder. Once selected create a new sub folder called gui

You should now end up with your Data folder containing 5 folders.






Now unzip the Clean Hud V3 files to the gui folder (if I remember correctly they include a path, so untick use paths in winzip) There are 4 alternative files in the zip, choose the option you want (read the readme before extracting)

I ended up with these files unzipped in the gui folder.





Ok, that's it for the HUD mods (for now wink.gif)

Next it's the Graphics options.

Browse to your GR:AW folder and make sure the main folder is selected. if you do not have a folder called local create one.

So in your GR:AW folder you should now have sub folders called.






Select the local folder and create a sub folder within it called english.

Select the english folder and create a sub folder within it called settings.

Download the xml file from Here, rename it taking the 1_ off (so it is called post_effects.xml) and copy or move it into the local\english\settings folder.

Job done.

Basically if you want to revert to a vanilla install you can just delete or move these two folders and it's back to normal, no unpacking bundles or overwriting original files.

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