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Now I am not quite sure wether or not GR:AW already has this as I am now at work so I can't check and to be honest I didn't look for it at home, but it would be nice to be alerted

when you log in that a new update has been made available and it would also give you the

option to either: download it, download and install it or ignore it.

It would be a very nice feature I think :)

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if you onhly have one complete patch those with low bandwith will lose out on the patching in due time because o the down load time invalved

i think that it would be nice to have complete patches though, but the small inbetween patches should be available too otherwise it would mean

certain death for the low bandwith side of the gamers

this will hurt sales and graw as a whole

think steam situations when you have not played hl2 for a while

it takes forever and ruins the moment when you do want to play

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