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Some notes about the upcoming patch (1.10)

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Oh, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

This is great news, you guys are great. This is going to be the best game in it's genre for a long time coming.

Oh and by the wayin case you didn't hear me, Thank you!

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well i must say that ive had the game for less than a week and havnt had any problems

it is very good to see that GRIN is watching and listening to the players

keep up the fantastic work and THANK YOU for the information you send our way

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See? All the GRIN "Haters" can see that GRIN is on the case!.......Rock the House GRIN!!


Added: I'd like to say that GRIN are our official "Homeboys".

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a new key "u" to toggle chat on and off in multiplayer.

This means i can't see the killconfirmation messages anymore?

Why not put it topleft and make that chatwindow transparant? Or atleast give us a option for that. The 'chatwindow' shouldn't be so visible, but the info from that window is still well... needed/important in matches for example.

There should be a way to communicate with your opponent, and not by having your view blocked in the top of your screen like it is now. Also, it's nice to see who you killed; for example someone from Clan X shoots someone down from Clan Y and managed to flank behind Clan Y. It's nice to know if you kill somenoe behind your lines (as Clan Y) that you know it's the guy that flanked you earlier and not Another player from that team.

Think about the killmessages thingy please :)

GR1 = http://img114.imageshack.us/img114/9171/screenshot03nl.jpg

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This "June patch" is becoming a legend, a gift from the gods, a prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled... it's almost scary.

One Patch to rule them all

One Patch to find them

One Patch to bring them all

and in the darkness bind them

...In the land of Sweden, where the GRINs lie.

Go! Go! Go! GRIN! :grin1:


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