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PC Zone (UK) Review... argh!

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PCZone magazine just dropped onto the door mat this morning, so I rushed down to check it out as they had promised an exclusive review of GR:AW.

Once I'd ripped of the plastic wrapper and turned to page 62, what did I do?

I laughed....

PC Zone Classic - 90%

The Ghost Recon series sees its finest iteration to date. Beautiful, polished and hugely involving. Grin Software have done a brilliant job.

They gave GR1 86% back in the day & claimed it was the best squad based tactical shooter around.

Now, dont get me wrong, I do like GR:AW, I'm a GR1 whore since 2001 & have been waiting for a new GR for a long time, but it's an unfinished product IMHO - it's not polished & its not beautiful. Once we see the patch in June, I hope to see alot of the problems finally fixed & am looking forward to LMS & an SDK/Editor.

The guy who reviewed the game for PC Zone seems to have glossed over all the major flaws with the game. oh and are GRIN Norwegian Developers?

As it stands, the game certainly didnt deserve a Classic rating or the 90%, it should have been more like 70-75% & a recommended.

I always trusted PC Zone in the past to point me in the direction of the next great thing, but this time they have let me down big time. Although if u turn to page 24, then you get to see the truly beautiful Crysis 4 page upfront article.

I have great faith in GRIN to keep their promise of supporting this game for a while to come & hopefully releasing some great new content for it in future patches (Stop calling them Add-ons please).


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