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Bodies Being CLeared from the Streets In CO-OP?

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Bodies Being Cleared from the Streets In CO-OP?

In CO-OP I just started to notice this, the dead bodies seem to be cleared away from the streets. Has anyone else noticed this?

GRIN please allow us the option to keep the dead bodies "on". I like to see the bodies. It lets me know that the area has been cleared by my team. I also just like seeing the dead bodies of all the tangos that tried to take me out (especially the machine gunners).


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I think its sort of a scaled limit, one spawns one dead body disappears. I noticed it on the Embassy standoff with the guys that try to flank from the side they sequentially disappeared as more live ones came in. I wouldnt mind the bodies staying on but I think it probably comes down to resources(and goodness knows we need every KB for this baby)In [GR] I preferred the bodies off, but [GR] left a nice little shadow in his place(with full shadows on) which suited me fine and was likely less resource taxing.

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