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Looking for open-minded GR gamers.


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I'm looking for friendly gamers to play [GR] with, and perhaps America's Army. I'm not looking for people who are LGBT, or of a minority goup or religion, or otherwise in a 'tough spot' themselves; although of course that's fine: I'm just looking for mature gamers to play with/against who are willing to play tight, organised tactical games and who won't 'freak out' about race, gender, sexuality, religion, or whatever.

I've no other gamers who are interested at the moment, but I'm hoping for a good response. Those of you who've played against me know that I can, at worst, hold my own in PvP (9 vs 9, 1 leader each) GR. I'm only looking for players who understand GR tactics. I'm not thinking of forming a clan for competition right now, but I'd love to be able to form a respectable team for 'friendlies'.

Some of you who are reading this know that you have potential value on this team as snipers.


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I know i've played you a few times ..

I just dont get a chance on any game now.. Work wont leave me alone .. :( .. Hopefully i'll be leaving them soon ..

Online gaming is great.. I dont care who i play with, i'm an equal opurtinist too .. BF2 is just so annoying nowadays (n00bs) ....

SWAT 4 is also a great game to play online .. :lol:

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Been playing [GR] for years but until recently, didn't have the opportunity to play online. I'd love to have some friendly games and share tactics. I'm interested in seeing how real world CQB and sniper tactics work in GR. stand alone game play doesn't allow me to really get live interaction from the AI's to real world tactics and combat strategy.

Bear in mind that I'm a newbie at online gaming for [GR] but it's something I'm really wanting to get into. I am available pretty much whenever. Just give me a few hours notice.



Edited to add that I don't care what race, religion, creed, sex, or whatever anyone is. I judge people by their individual merits, not some blindly concieved stereotype.

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