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My 2 Cents

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A bunch of the old GR guyz know me............I've been in more clans than Deleyte has got kills in original GR.........OK........here we go

I just spent $1500 US to upgrade to play BF2 well and the pending GRAW release.....It's about 75% of most of the rainbow chasers investment but sweet all the same

Sooooooooooo..........I get abot 40-50 frames atmost on GRAW..........yeah, sharper buildings

nice graphics..............but the the guy with the 25% more than I have is laying me out with ease

I've played original GR for 5 years..............started my first 6 months on dial-up...........hours and hours of pure exhiliration.........thank you UBI for that

GR basically saved my life ...............I turned one very bad addiction into a gaming addiction which wholeheartedly saved my life.........the (I have no idea) endless matches......a bajillion hous of co-op

Sooooooooooo.........Is it important to me that in A-zone the explosions and the sweet finelines on the buildings affect me in H-zone...........Seriously.......What a piece of crap

It's just a peek and shoot game............I'm lucky if I can type the letter H in wordpad while Graw is running

Most importantly............how about the good friends we're all gonna lose

Guyz and girlz that we've all known for years that just can't swing the serious upgrades that it takes to play this game

People that have saved yours and my butt countless times in a match

Is todays internet gaming all about the alllmighty dollar............seems like it to me

Just my 2 cents...........Flame On!!!!!!!

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This is a good point. I dont think i will lose friends because of it...ill still see them on Teamspeak and talk to them but just wont be able to shoot with them unless i play an older game. Just because i play a game that they cant dont mean im not their friend. Will i miss shooting with them? Yes! I will jump back old school style and play a few with them but im not gonna not play a game just cause they cant. Eventualy they will be able to upgrade if they choose and when they do ill be here.

It is unfortunate that with the way games are going nowadays that you need to upgrade but its inevitable...i just built this computer and it cost $2500. to get it what i wanted... Is that needed to run the games of today..no You can run any game on the market with a lesser computer. I built this so i didnt have to ugrade in a year or 2 or 3. Shoot..the computer i was on before this was 5 years old and i was playing BF2 on it. I guess my point is that everyone at one point will have to upgrade to play games...its just a matter of time. That is the price to play PC games.

For some it will happen when they can do it and some it will happen when they have no cash. Best bet is to plan ahead..keep your eyes peeled for games that you might like but would not run on your setup and then start saving. Some you can just tell by looking at them that they probably wont run on your system. They usually give you quite awhiles notice throughout the making of the games. The only downside to that is...like with GRAW...they waited and waited to give the system requirements and then they finally gave them..but wait..right before release they changed it..so if you did upgrade by the first specs you were screwed...very bad.. :angry: Still kinda confused by that one.

So i guess i agree and disagree. It sucks but its pretty much just one of those things that comes with playing PC games!

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The Patch in June will determine if GRAW survives or not. But i think it's safe to say, even if the patch is successful, I think the unsaid truth is, some want GRAW to fail anyway.

my reasons for thinking this are;

1.bcz the game has a different look and feel, thus NOT a GR game(according to certain circles)

2.the specs needed to play this game...

3.some probably hated GRAW before it got out of the gates. I knew that from screenshots the game would be different before the games release.

I'm not saying this in favor of or against the game. Just what I'm getting from what both sides are saying




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Surfer... as you know i lead one of the old GR clans that have shot with you / against for a while. (Attackforcez)

All clans have this issue and it's a growing pain for them. Currently our clan only has 5 with GRAW and the capability of and 1 waiting on the patch. Only 3 of us play actively at the moment though... me, jstars and peace. We (the clan as a whole) have held back for the last 5 years from changing games do to nothing comparing to the original GR.

At some point a clan needs to move on. Currently GR1 team vs team is dead, not only on the ladder but on the public servers. Most clans went BF2 or such.

Clans need to advance. This doesn't mean we can't shoot around with our old buds and be friends, but eventually the clan has to move on to stay competitive.

It is better to find new clanmates, keep your others as friends and remain competitive then to sit idle, which usually leads to a clan breakup do to boredom or joining of other clans by all team members to active clans.

I have been through this before... as we were a DFLW clan before this. We have changed many members through the years and always remained friends with those who left on good terms.

As soon as the ladders are capable we will be recruiting for new members and moving on to a new future. Those that agree with us will follow. those that don't will just be friends.

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My question is, without the old GR replays to verify matches...what can be done? GRAW wasn't conceived for matches obviously.

I mean replays that allow for the admin to watch from each players point of view so he can see if one is using wallhacks, or just plain cheating?

This in my opinion needs to be addressed.

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It sucks that the system req's are so steep for this game, but, unless you want to be stuck playing a game with old graphics the rest of your life, you'll probably need to upgrade. I had to do it. I saved up some cash and built my own high-end system, and I don't regret one penny that I've spent on it. I know that some cannot do this, but I wouldn't be lying if I said that you couldn't run most current games on a 4-5-year-old system.

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in all honesty i dont know wat everyones Moderator Edit about, my friend plays with an onboard 128mb geforce 6100, 512 o f ram and its playable with 30-40 frames with everything on low, :D

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acid can you please warn me before you post an ignorant post again,


yep lightspeed its probably why we wont get them, you would just need too much power.

pap6 i think you are right there will always be some people that want it to fail, but i saw the screenshots and i thought this looks like its gonna be a good game, everything was going well. then they said no AA and upped the system specs at the last minute. i bought my current card about 8 months ago to play GRAW when it was penciled in for release, cost me about £130, now i have a game i cant play at a realistic frame rate, i think on the system specs issue people complaints are justified. it would be stupid for the game to fail because of this but as i said previously 2 of my mates took GRAW back cos it ran so badly on the average system.

plus people with acid's attitude make things worse, and make people complain more, it seems like there is a set of people on here (allbeit small) that think everyone has high end rigs and that all of our money should be put into gaming but its not gonna happen.

lastly in viipers fps thread a large proportion are getting between 20 and 40, its not good enough for a first person shooter because it DOES affect gameplay in MP specifically badly

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oi im just saying the truth, my freinds got an emachines t6216 and only 512 of ram and 128 onboard, he plays fine at 30-40 frames with everything on low at 800x600, no of course it doesnt look as good as if u were playing on all high @ 1600x1200, but if u want the eye candy to be blasted up u must pay the price, graw is playable on low with an extreme low end system as i just told u with that emachines. not evry one has a high end rig, i understand that, i myself had a very low end rig but saved my money for a good part of last year to get my pc. im just confused as to why people say it isnt playable with a low end pc...

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I know where you are comming from Surfer, I can barely play the

game with my current setup and I won't be able to upgrade as I don't

make a zillion $$$ a year to upgrade to the ridiculous specs on GR:AW

to be able to play in a, what I would consider, normal way.

Online playing is currently out of the question for me and my friends

are in fact moving on. The point is because I can't play with them I find

less and less reason to go on comms mainly because gaming is what

binds us together in the first, second and third place. It isn't fun to play

like this as you are getting your ass kicked because someone else can

afford a better computer setup. Not because someone else is better,

that is something I can live with, but face it, the game is brand new and

we are all n00bs again. GRiN should have given that more thought.

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