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She's certainly got some mad scratchin' skillz! Will she be at my local Slammin' Vinyl event this year? Looks like she's got some amazing talent on the decks. Don't see many female scratch DJ's these days.

After a hard days work kickin out the funky jams on the decks, DJ Kitten has a rest:


EDIT: Fixed typo, so get hypo to this like yo

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:rofl: led, there called RAVERS, not dancers btw .. :P

Yeah, and there is a helluva difference between dancers and ravers. Dancing is everything choreoegraphed, raving is freestyle (no, not breakdance style, but more big fish, little cardboard bix style, or shelf stacker style, or virtual car driver style (I have actually seen people raving where it looks like their changing gears with one hand and moving the steering wheel with the other hand)), well that's the way I see it anyway....

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you lucky I didnt say disco :rofl: I better stop, I'm just giving away my age :P


I bet that was the hip word in them days... "lets go to the disco margeret, ya! spiffing!" ..

Today .. " Yo homies we bouncin' to the rave tonight.. we gonna get so smashed Now you rollin like a daawg? Just bring dem hoe's..!"

Ok enough .. :unsure:

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