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Player destroys a friendly tank


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i am working on a mission ( like the vilnius mission ) with 3 friendly tanks !

i want to script:

when an enemy destroys ONE of the tanks the mission will going on

but when a member of "PlayersPlatoon" destroys a tank the mission will be failed!

i just want to know how i can script this

(enemy destroys tank >>>> continue)

(player destroys tank >>>>> end it)



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There are other ways to do this, but this one is the simplest. There can only ever be one Allied company and the PlayerPlatoon is always part of that company for scripting purposes.

You can substitute Company with Platoon if it better suits your requirements.

Jack :)

Trigger Event:

Tank has been destroyed.


Continue executing responses if ((The company including (The shooter who destroyed Tank)) is equal to (The company including (The player-controlled actor))).

Display "MissionFailed" and register mission failure.

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