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most times in the mid to low 90's


AMD64 X2 4800+ toledo

2Gig Corsair DDR 400

7900 gtx 512mb

SB audigy4

That seems so unreal to me as i got the same ram and gpu except im running a 4400+, which i overclocked to 4600+ speed, and that even dditn give me any serious fps increase.

U cannot get into mid low 90's with that setup, no way.

I run 1680x1050 (that less than yours) and i run 30-55.

No way on earth u get 90 without sli.



You need to read more of the Thread posts and make up an average for the setup you have to get a better feel.

The Thread is not about whom is posting high FPS but more to find what the average user [joe] is getting.

On the note of your post.... I do run a rig [see sig.] and I'm not into 90+ [it's his first post], may be he will share some secrets :seehearspeak:

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Average 30-35 FPS with ATI Radeon X1600 AGP 512 MB card with 1 gig ram, at 1024x768 everything on high. Should go up a bit when I add a second gig of ram.

I also play at 1280x960 which wasn't listed. I did not select 1280x1024 in the poll.

FPS measured by FRAPs jumps around depending on the map and what is rendered in my view. I get anywhere from 33-48 FPS with very little stutterring.

I run my sound at medium with EAX off as I mostly use headphones or a 3.1 speaker system.

Textures are set to medium

Post effects are low.

Dynamic Shadows are off.

I have the Aegia Physx software drivers installed and enabled.


AMD Athlon XP 3200+

PNY GF6800 GT (256MB)

Audigy 2ZS

1 GB Corsair RAM

Nothing is overclocked.

Have you attempted to uninstall the Aegia Physx drivers completely and see if that improved your FPS at all ? Be interesting to see if it made a difference (whether good or bad)

I did that when all I had was the demo but didn't measure in game performance with FRAPs at that time. I did have to do some extra tweaking of settings to get the demo to run smooth and I can verify that it did seem smoother without the Physix enabled. I chose to reinstall and update them with the full version of the game as I do like the eye candy that they provided.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that I am not using officially certified video drivers but some tweaked drivers that I found here.

Anyone that chooses to use those drivers please do so at your own risk and don't blame me for any damage they may cause to your system. I have had one stability issue in a crash that required a hard boot but that also occurred once in over 60 hours of playing. Whether or not that crash was a result of the drivers is still questionable and I'll continue to use them until Nvidia provides an official update out.

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Hey viiiper, good initiative starting this thread.

As mentioned before, although fps is dependent on more than just resolution, it at least gives us forum members and GRIN an idea of how people are running the game.

I have run the game quite decently on my P4 3.4/i875P/2GB RAM/X800XT 256MB rig at 1280x960 res (I chose 1280x1024 in the poll)

I tweaked the XML file to get all high textures on soldiers, vehicles, buildings, and turned down some of the fancy effects, and it was quite playable at 40-50 fps.

I tried the demo on my work system (P4 2.4/i865PE/2GB/GF 6800GT 128MB) and it chugged along at 15-20 fps.

I think a fast CPU helps for this game.

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Yo :huh: u guys have some High FPS.

I play at 1280x1024@60 with most settings high.

I have 2GB DDR RAM and a nvdia geForce 6800.

My average Fps is 13 or 12. I can get into the thirties with 800x600

I also have BF2 which has an FPS of like 50 to 70. So is this goog bad, or I am just doing some thing wrong. Please help. :huh:

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Yo :huh: u guys have some High FPS.

I play at 1280x1024@60 with most settings high.

I have 2GB DDR RAM and a nvdia geForce 6800.

My average Fps is 13 or 12. I can get into the thirties with 800x600

I also have BF2 which has an FPS of like 50 to 70. So is this goog bad, or I am just doing some thing wrong. Please help. :huh:

Nothing wrong, It's an intensive game using something reletivly new [about a year old HL2 DOOM3 etc] HDR (higher Dynamic range, which basically is real lighting, giving you glorious shadows and light blooms and shady alley ways.....problem is it loves to gobble Graphics card processing power cos it does it in realtime......CHECK OUT LINK: one on HDR and the other to tech section of this forum...







all the best.. p.s. patch due in a few weeks ....[mid-end june hopefully]


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And you wonder why I didnt want to post.

###### at this rate maybe ill just keep my mouth shut.

I only got 30-40 and that was it, dropping in MP Online to 5-8 CRAZY

but you need to check things like I did....for example Video card driver , is it the latest one ??

GRAW is a new game and latter video card drivers may have features for it to perform better.... I know the drivers I d/l did... At least He had the heart to POST which does people like you the world of GOOD cos' now you know your not the only one....



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I just played GRAW on 800x600. I had 60-70fps. This is really a world off difference. The game is so much more fun to play! I'ts so much smoother! :) (I normaly play on 1280x1024 30-35 fps) I hope there will be some kind of optimalization for the game soon so we can get higher FPS with higher resolutions.

AMD Athlon64 3500+

1gb DDR PC3200 ECC

160gb SATA2

GF 6800gs PCI-E

Win MCE 2005

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I play at 1600x1200@75Hz on older 19" NEC FE950 CRT (the game looks much better this way then then it did on 17" Samsung 740B LCD at 1280x1024@75Hz). I have medium settings, and get around 20FPS most of the time (fraps). I know that 20fps is low but it is playable (I play SP only) and looks so much better then at lower resolutions; the difference in visuals quality is striking...

P2.4B - ASUS P4T-533C, 1Gig of RDRAM PC1066, PNY GeForce6800GS 256MB (unlocked 16 pixel pipes and clocked currently at 400/1100). I get around 2400 3dMark06 points.


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50-60 - 1280x1024 60hz

Most settings on high, low shadows & post effects.

Athlon64 3200+ (Venice) @2.5ghz

Gainward 7900gt 512mb PCIx @580/790 84.43's - performance

2gb (4x512) Corsair XMS3500

BFG nForce4 Ultra motherboard

Audigy 2, low quality setting as I'm not really that bothered by sound. :)

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20-30 fps - 800x600 75hz (well, more like 20-24 fps)

Auto detect to MEDIUM setting

Athlon XP-M 2600+ OC to 2.2ghz

Radeon 9600 Pro OC to 525mhz

1gb (2x512) Samsung 3200

ECS K7S5A 3.1

Creative Soundblaster Live ! 24 bits (losing sound from time to time...)

I'm a bit surprised I can play at all !


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My specs in my sig:

Getting about 20-30 FPS in SP. Except fot the first 15 secs of starting a SP mission.

Gonna upgrade my CPU to a 3.06 GB with HT at 533 FSB. Should release my CPU bottleneck yeah? Found out my mobo suppports 533 fsb...... :) Does HT work well with GRAW?

What ch'all think?


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AMD 3700 w 1MB Cache 939

2GB Cosair

XFX 7900GT 256 MB

ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe

On Board Sound (I know but I only use head[hones right now, plan on getting XFI_Music)

Play at 1280 X 1024 - probably about 40 - 50 fps .. never incountered slow down?? But never ran FRAPS either?

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1900 x 1200 on my Dell XPS Gen 2 laptop but that nets 10 to 15 FPS in high-quality mode (Hey, I had to TRY it!) but essentially any quality setting nets BLOWMONKEY quality FPS in 1900 x 1200.

1280 x 1024 on my AMD 3800+, 2gb RAM, 160 gb RAID SATA, nVidia 6800 homebrew PC nets me 20 to 30 with high quality settings.

Just for fun - at 1900 x 1200 [Ghost Recon] freakin ROCKS on the Dell XPS laptop... I couldn't believe it was supported. It's awesome, and it's quickly becoming my favorite [GR] platform. The panoramic view is incredible....


Callsign 3Point

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Sorry - how do you check FPS in GRAW?

thank you,


You can using programmes like fraps (google for them and you will find some)

I haven't used such a prog yet since I have no trouble playing, and I know I can't get all out of a geforce 6600 but gameplay is acceptable to me now.

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1900xtx + Venice 3800@2750 mhz + 1512mb RAM

1280 X 720 , AF HQ 16x , all settings maximun

Average 40-50 fps -with V-sinc - maximun 60 fps minimun 30 fps


1900x1080 all settings maximun

Average 30 fps maximun 40fps minimun 20 fps

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