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Gamespy Down - 18 May 06

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Today is Wed, May 17 and I can't login to gamespy in graw so no multiplayer games show up.

I went through the games spy trouble shooting and opened all the ports they say are needed.

I still could not login ????

I am behind a router/firewall. What Internet ports need to be open to play Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter online?

If you are having trouble playing GRAW online please make sure that you have the following ports open in your firewall/router:

Gamespy requires:

Local Ports

UDP 15250

UDP 13139

UDP 15250

Remote Ports

UDP 15250

TCP 80

TCP 6667

UDP 13139

UDP 27900

UDP 27901

TCP 28910

TCP 29900

TCP 29901

UDP 29910

TCP 29920

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yeah i know Manson.. not many ppl here play it.. only another 2 of my clan members have it. And we just doing the 200+ ping servers. i think none are playing coz of the limited amount of servers. Wait until SADS are released, and major aus sites like gamearena.com.au and games.internode start hosting.. then you'll see some more aussies.. til then we just gotta use wat we got.

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