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Sounding Great... Desmond22

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Hey Desmond22, just wanted to say I love the sound in this game and I am only using Stereo headphones right now (Kids room is right beside computer room).

I am thinking of buying a pair of 5.1 Headphones.. not sure if they are worth the cost? Would you know?

Anyway, hearing a firefight in the background is awesome.. it gets my heart punding and ready for action.. the closer I get the louder the gun fire, the explosions.. depending on the route I take to get to the firefight will produce different resutls.. echoing between buldings, etc.. It is very imursive.. Just need a little more impact when hit... but I am sure you guys are working on that

I am also only using on-board AC97 chipset with my Headset.

I am thinking of buying an Creative X-FI? Worth it even thought I use just a Stereo headset?


Irish Stout

P.S. Sorry about the spelling mistake in the title... not sure how to change it?

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I am thinking of buying a pair of 5.1 Headphones.. not sure if they are worth the cost? Would you know?

I'm also thinking of a investing in a 5.1 headset (use hedset due to kids and wife) but I was kind of hoping something new would appear on the market. So far the Medusa

seems to be the best alternative, but a lot of people seem to have issues...


Any 5.1 headset GRAW users that can give some feedback here?

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My opinion would be to buy a Creative sound card, and the best possible headphones you can afford. Then separately buy a mic, either a desktop or a clip-on.

The debate about 5.1 headphones vs regular headphones is never ending, but if you look through various audio forums, most would say that there really isn't an advantage going with 5.1 headphones.

Personally I bought a decent pair of stereo phones plus a cheap $18 Logitech headset. I carefully removed the mic from the cheap headset and mounted it on my stereo headphones. Could not be happier with it. Also, I have the X-Fi Fatality soundcard which I am extremely happy with.

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I got me those eDimensional Audio FX Force Feedback Gaming Headset, reviewed by Rocky right here. They are simply spectacular! Totally awesome! I was quite doubtfull at first but decided to give 'em a try. Man was it worth it! The force feedback effect is perfect. Not too much, just perfect. The feeling it gives you when you fire a round, or when that nade explodes near you...WOW. Can't get enough! So immersive!

If you're a FPS type of player it's a must have. My buddy tried them last week and just bought some too. I tell ya it's freakin awesome!

As for the X-Fi I think the Extreme Music one would suffice if you don't want to invest too much. Definatly the best sound available right now :D


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