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Over at AfterGame.se i posted the map overview pictures from all 5 Multiplayer maps (Shanty Town, Warehouses, Downtown, Avenues & Church).

Here you can see Shanty Town for example, the other maps can be found here: http://www.aftergame.se/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=116

In case you want to make your own screenshots from a different angle by using the FlyCam (or whatever it's called :) ) i also explained quickly what to do exactly to get the mapeditor working (This allows you to fly around the maps etc).

Perhaps GRIN can give us some superhighdetail pictures, downloadable at GR.com in bmp format (Zipped). (*hint* *hint*)

Anyway, if someone made some much better pics let me know :)

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I believe you can't open those maps in the editor, you crash back to desktop. But perhaps you can use that Satelite screen to make Full overview pictures of those maps.

The thing is those SP maps are probably bigger then the MP maps, and the MP maps barely fit on the screenshots, of course you can convert them from something huge to 1024x768 for example, but you lose all quality and it becomes jagged and blurry instead of sharp


Perhaps GRIN can give us some superhighdetail pictures, downloadable at GR.com in bmp format (Zipped). (*hint* *hint*)

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Ì guess I already know the answer but, with Ghost Recon there came a Photoshop plugin to view the *.rsb files with PS. If I remember correct it came with the Island Thunder expansion pack. Do you guys know what the file extension of these original commandmaps are? Maybe GRIN already included an Photoshop plugin on the DVD/CD? If so you can open the original full resolution commandmaps in photoshop. If not, but you are able to find the commandmaps in you installation folder, and retrieve the extension of those files, maybe a Google search can result in a Photoshop plugin.

But as I said, probably not. Probably this knowledge and these plugins will come with the June patch (full editor release).

Again, Good finding Ben! :thumbsup:

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I understand the gripe with the type of maps in MP but cmon fellas, if the story takes place in anartica, why would there be desert maps? Yes GR1 had a great variety of maps, I know this. I wish GRIN would of taken some of the maps from the campaign and made em MP.....then we would of had a better variety. Like the night map, the dusk one....etc....

I would like more info on what this "June patch" will include. Detailed info I might add....all in all Ive been too busy playing sp....again to play the mp. If the Mp doesnt become what most want .....theres always crysis and OE2 :)

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