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New RAM no change in FPS?


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I just got another hard-drive n more RAM so now i have 760mb's of ram instead of 246 or so b4, but my fps has not really changed at all? :stupid:

I'm using the ALpha Squad 2.6 mod that could b y, but even with that off, the change isn't that drastic at all :stupid:

my specs

pentium 4 1.80ghz

32mb video card

760 mb's RAM

200 gig hard drive

Also on another note cause i wanna start installin more games with all the new space...

...how well do u think Command & Conquer: Generals will work on it? b4 it wasn't that great.

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I'm no expert but I think a better graphics card would help tremendously.

Over all I think you have a decent system to run GR with the Alpha Squad 2.6 mod at max or near max settings if you had a better vid card. I'm think something in the ATI 9000 series

or Nvidia FX series. The latest generation of cards are more then that system could use.

You have probably read enough to know that system would require a major upgrade to play GRAW.

What type of slot do you have on your motherboard for a video card.

An AGP slot would allow you a wider range of cards but Newegg still carries a few cards for a PCI slot.

http://www.newegg.com/ProductSort/Subcateg...&Subcategory=48 About using the search function at newegg:

Just choose one item at a time and then hit search.(ex. gpu)

You will see at the top of the next page the option to "drill down" your search.

Choose one item again(ex. interface) and hit search again.

You may have to drill down several times but this method gives better results then choosing 3-4 specs at once.

( I play AS 2.6 all the time, great mod!)

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