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Which Sniper rifle is the best?

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When I use sniper rifle's those are my choices Matthew. I've tried the .338, but the M14 DMR seems to be more powerful. :blink:

- Why didn't they put the Barrett 'light fifty' in the game I'll never know (the M82 in GR1).

- Or, even better, the PTRD/PTRS - that would be great!

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Does anyone know what the best sniper rifle is in Ghost Recon 2? i usually use the Silent one or the m14dmr..Am i right?Thanks


There is no "good" sniper rifle in Ghost Recon 2, or even in the world. All the sniper rifles have a quality that makes them good. Like you, I use the M14 DMR because I love being a sniper. The M14 is the most powerful American sniper rifle in the game, but not necessarily the best because of a stronger recoil. Personally, I like to use acurate sniper rifles, not saying that the M14 is not accurate. Its still my weapon of choice. So, you are half right, at least in my opinion. :)

By the way, you mentioned a "silent one". Is there a silent sniper rifle in Ghost Recon 2? I would love using one. Its just the snipers that i've used make very loud shots. If there is a silent/suppressed sniper rifle in GR:2, could you let me know?


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This should help you dillineate the differences between them.

For the most part I find that the supressed sniper is hard to beat. As far as features go this is a big advantage..to have the ability to "reach out" and kill and enemy without being discovered.

A lot of times I used to use the M14. Although not as much magnificaiton of the other snipers...it is kind of like a rifleman weapon with a longer scope range. Just don't get in a close quarters battle AND make sure you get a solid head shot...it can be a little weak. Oh, and accuracy is not as great as other snipers.

This is taken from:


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Ick, or anyone else kind enough to give their Opinion

Could you give me a list of the top 4 best American/allied sniper rifles (Meaning, place M14, M8, SPR, and the Famas in order from best to wrost on overall performance. ),not including the ones in the DLC. (S9 SD, MSG)?

Also, if anyone has time, could they list all the sniper rifles in the game from best to worst?

Thanks, i just need someone else's professional opinion. Your chart though is amazing. It must have taken you a while. I have to admit, it looks like you really put the effort in it. Amazing man, seriously.

PS. I read both of your charts, the weapons chart and the comments. It helps. Alot. But you said the M8 Sharpshooter was "a good weapon" in the general comments column. A bit vague, but i still trust your judgement. The reason mentioning, is i was just so desperate to see which american/allied sniper was the best overall (not that i have something about the enemy ones, i like the SKS and the KBU). I do know that the M8 is drop dead accurate with the best stabilization, the SPR with the best open run stab, but i just needed to know which one you would have picked, or anyone else of the matter. But, dosn't the calibre of the bullet matter in GR2? 7.62 caliber is a very large bullet. Dosn't that affect the amount of shots to kill a soldier? You said that it always takes 1.17 shots in a certain distance. I still trust your judgement though. :) I would have chosen the S9 SD sniper, with no questions asked, but unfortunately i dont have the Downloadable Content Tactical Pack.

Sorry for being so annoying everyone, :( , im just a youngster with a l0t of questions... about GR2... and life....

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