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There are always ppl playing COOP at Alpha Squad Server - on a good day up to 15 or 20 in a Server.

Theres also another server playing Siege (cant remember the name of the Hosts) - always 16+ in there at any time.

So GR1 certainly has staying poser - in fact, all the guys who tried GRAW have gone back to GR1 for now...lol.

Can GRAW achieve that? In its current state, absolutely not. With some major tweaks, absolutely. So much potential...just got too realize it.

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Hard to say, PoW_LigHtsPeEd, MCarr and Metal Jacket are all right. I think it's depends on a lot of different factors like how the game evolves regarding to patches and expansion packs, support by the modding community and competition with new titles (like Armed Assault or [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising] for instance). To a level we all seem to agree GRAW has it's potential to GROW as big as it's older brother.


Btw. Metal Jacket, I love your sig! roflmao :rofl:

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It all depends on what they do with the MP patch/addon/download or whatever they are calling it. Without a robust dedicated server solution, robust modding capabilities, and some more MP modes and maps, it won't last long. If they deliver on these, it could be around for 5 years to come no problem.

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When I first loaded GR1 onto my system, I was not impressed at all. Little did I know what a monster that game would turn out to be after a few expansions and patches. knowing what I know now about the process of games and the way they get better with time, I can see what a great game GRAW will be if it is treated with the same love as its predacessor. I dont think it will take 5 years to know weather or not this game will be a classic, Im betting on more of a 1 year timetable and we will see if it will have lasting power.

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I liked GR1 a lot, and will do in the future, there was awesome maps and that you were able to mod so much made it the best game for me.

That was really the first game i played online.

If GRAW will get a mod support like [GR], it will make it live longer.

Let me guess there will be expansion packs for this game too.

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