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Damn I've waited years for that game... nobody will take it out of my hands now that I have it! We are a bunch of buddies wich played alot of TDM on [GR]... Must admit we are not big fans of the actual state of the MP side.

But hey! until it gets fixed we are discovering the COOP and getting our ass kicked big time... Dont know about you, but I consider my group as "good players" and I must admit we have trouble completing the levels alive!

We are having a blast!

Keep it up!

Great feel, great gameplay, excellent balance! Thanks!

P.S. Runs marvelously on my rig @ 1600X1200, graphics are awesome!

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Well, having played this all weekend, I'm still loving it. There are things that I love, and things that on reflection are not actually that bad.

I was initially a bit dissapointed with the manual and the documentation enclosed. I guess a bit of toilet reading about the weapons and strategies to use was a bit too much to ask...

Performance wise I'm happy considering no major patch yet, and I'm having a fairly smooth and stutter free experience with all settings on medium and filtering on tri-linear. I've also got sound acceleration down to basic as I can't tell the blimmin difference anyway . The only noticeable slowdown is in the first 10 seconds of every mission, nothing to get shirty about. (My system is a 2.8 P4 D with a 6800GS PCI-E and 1024 DDR2)

I absolutely love the graphics, the lack of AA is strange,sometimes its very noticeable, other times it isn't (particularly in Urban combat where much of the surrounding structures are vertical and don't require line smoothing so much) but again, isn't hampering my enjoyment.

My AI squad is a mixed bag, sometimes they will do things that make me laugh out loud in amazement , sometimes they do things that have me awestruck. LAst night I peek around a corner in mission 3 VIP to catch site of a heavy MG nest, which instantly opens fire and nearly takes my head off. I'm wondering how the hell to deal with this thing as it is camped out at the bottom of an alleyway, when suddenly my Sniper walks up behind me, peeks around the same corner, and BLAM - target eliminated

On a downer it has crashed twice and caused my PC to reeboot into safe mode which a game hasn't done for a long time :S, but above all this I'm having a blast with it, (nothing beats a well placed grenade in this game - especially when it sets a car alarm off to boot )

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I'm in for the long haul...

This game is great! I think all the comparisons to the "Classic" are silly, times change... technology changes. What was no longer is and that is known as progress.

My only real issue / request is this. Since the M8 is in the game put all of the varients in... The sniper version and the support weapon version. Please... Thanks in advance!

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Only 33 so far .. hopefully we can show GRIN that there are more then this keeping the game...

Come on .. only takes a minute to reply...

Well, I know several people (15+) who love the game, but don't frequent these forums.

Edit: I should add that they are all anxiously awaiting further MP modes and dedicated server files ;)

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i wasnt lookign forward to teh sp mode but man has it gottne me hooked. if the mp delvers like the sp did (After the patch) then it will be one hell of a game

You just took these word right out of my mouth.

The SP is just great, and when you advance, its so satisfying.

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Anyone here that returns it is just pointing out how little they care about this community IMO. No sales, means no support and no future. I just finished 2 hours of playing and it was a blast, bugs an all, Bring on the expansions, LOL :g_withgrin:

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