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GRAW Returned

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I want to like this game, more -- I just want to be able to play it... But after the bad taste I got from Raven Shield and Lockdown this was just way too little way too late...

Perhaps I'll buy it when it's in the bargain bin for $6, and has working patches... There are too many other fun games (that work), to pay Ubi again for the 'privilege' of another exercise in frustration and time wasting, for what's obviously intended to be another short-run, disposable 'media product' when I should be getting entertainment for my money...

Even if it's only a small gesture; going forward I'm not going to let any Game Developer Publisher oversell me on a game and keep my money if the product is broken, crippled with half-ass copy protection, or doesn't meet it's advertising claims (GRAW for me is all three) -- I'll make a big enough stink and get my money back regardless...

If more Fans acted as careful Consumers we'd get a lot more for our gaming dollars -- most of which get spent on pedantic advertising... Too bad and shame on Ubi for marginalizing one of the best games that literally invented the tactical realism genre...

I am sad that I may never play GRAW with some of you, and my friends -- but on the bright side Ghost Recon is still a very fine game with many even finer Mods, and there's VBS1 and Armed Assault on the way...

Bye Bye GRAW...


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Just a 'heads-up', if you're straddling the fence and not sure about this game, or are concerned the game may not run on your PC: Amazon does offer a liberal return policy.

As I said before; I want very much to like this game and even if disappointed at least be able to play it -- but that's not possible on my textbook compatible and state-of-the-art $3000 system...

I have nothing against the Developer; the GRIN fellers seem very nice, sincere and to have some good game design ideas -- but the exceution is obviously flawed, and the Publisher has been so bottom of the barrel for so long; that I'd strongly encourage everyone not to roll over and wait for thing to get better; all you're doing is sending the message that more of the same is "ok" and Ubisoft can have your money regardless...

Don't do it: if you're disappointed, were mislead, the product is functionally broken for your use -- don't buy it or get your money back. You can always buy it later if and when they get thier arses in gear and offer the product that meets its ad-copy claims... That fact that Ubisoft is spending more to advertise then to develop broken games like GRAW should speak volumes...


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Sorry to hear you had problems. I don't think that you should totally give up though. PC Gaming is totally different than it was 2 years ago. The games require a lot more to run at the same levels as they did a few years ago. With the complex AI, the complex GPU coding, complex audio processing, and it's all coupled with the MULTITUDES of different hardware combinations out there. It's hard to be 100%. Really hard.

The game is done well for what they did. They had less time than most developers, and they tried to pull off a LOT of new technology changes that will be in ALL new games. GRAW is one of the first. It's a good first effort. It's not without it's flaws. The gameplay more than makes up for it though. CoOp mode with 3 buddies is some of the most intense gameplay I've seen in years.

As for your "super-hardware" it's a shame it's not running as expected. I'd look into drivers, and possible conflicts rather than just give up. Problems like this are what gamers will have to deal with on the PC if you want to keep playing games. My machine is as follows:

Athlon XP 3200+

Corsair XMS Pro 3200 2x512 matched pair

Abit KN8 Mobo

Soundblaster Audigy 2 value (that's right... value)

ATI x800 Pro 256 AGP

All WD 7200 RPM 8meg Cache IDE drives

I run the game at 1024x768 I have everything as high as the game lets me go, and I XML edited my character textures to high. The game runs great for me. I get no slowdowns at all. So there is nothing "groundbreaking" about my system anymore, but through careful computer management I don't have issues. A lot of issues with games are Windows issues as well. That's my biggest helper in performance. I don't install ANY junk on my PC. I make Windows look like Windows 2000. It's plain, and I get more resources. Also please make sure you disable any "forced" AA that your video card drivers have in their settings that solves 90% of the poor FPS issues that people are having. It's not meant to have it, and the game chokes on that.

I don't mean to offend you if you've tried all of those things, but I just wanted to share what has helped me enjoy this game and many others on my PC.

This is all coming from a Mac user as well :P Too bad Macs aren't gaming computers yet.

As for the R6 Vegas thing... that games for Xbox360, and we saw how Redstorm handled Lockdown... I don't have faith in that, and tactical FPS games aren't for consoles. Not precise enough.

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Does UBI give refunds? If anyone wants to buy my copy drop me a line. Mine was working fine but since the patch i can't get it to load and no one seems interested in troubleshooting... Espcially me... I have reloaded and it is always ok until i patch it. We are having an Clan meeting this weekend and i think i will recommend we not be a GRAW clan. We have multiple fence sitters and at this point i don't think they are interested. I have posted in the Problems with the patch forums and the response was that the patch was corrupted on DL.... Twice? Oh well. If anyone knows of an non gr, non-AA or a non BF first person shooter that we can move the clan over to with a few less requirements give it a plug. After all its only a game and i don't get a kick of troubleshooting systems at work and then coming home and doing it also...

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Pootin, what do you mean "a non-AA shooter"? Armed Assault or America's Army? There are a lot of fine tactical realism shooters to recommend depending on what you're looking for and whether you have patience or have to have something 'right now...

Most STS Fans have waited on Ubi so long I think they should cool their heels and wait on other Developer/Publisher's that actually treat them like paying customers rather then crap under their wheels... If you have got to have something right now, take a look at:

Red Orchestra (the UT2004 Mod), it's a very realistic WW II tactical shooter with scale movement speed, scale weapon performance, combined arms, armor, and 'to the screw weapon detail' with a very realistic ironsights system and portal scope system... You can also buy the retail version Red Orchestra 41-45. The screen shots don't do these games justice; when rendered they look every bit as good as GRAW... Both games have drivable vehicles with incredible detail and usable systems (turret ports etc.)... One of the greatest things about these games besides the increcible attention to realism is the Developers actually respond to their Fans, treat them like the Fans and paying Customers they are -- and build the game for their audience and not some self-effaced notion of being 'Rock Star Game Developer's that 'know what's best' or have a better idea of what's 'fun' then you do.

If WWII is not your thing, there are more serious realism mods for Battlefield 2 like Project Reality Mod and Operation Peacekeeper 2, worth a look is the OPK2 video 2 Years of OPK2 Trailer, a huge download but well worth a look for the realistic combat and realistic unit detail... There are a slew of other scale realisim BF2 mods in progress, some that are making very promising progress and are open to the input and effort of interested Fans.

If BF2 Mods leave you cold; old Operation Flash Point has been completely remade into a state-of-the-art tactical realism platform by the incredible Mod Talent that's still working gang busters on content for this title that can be bought for a song. Putting together these mods can initially be a chore but once done you have a game that looks as good or better then anything, sets standards for realism, offers new and highly detailed animation, weapons, missions, vehicles, scenarios, and scale game-play. Take a look at a few screenshots here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here to see a little of what's being offerd. Check out the Turning OFP Into Your Favorite Game thread for some links and descriptions to the best and 'must have' OFP mods. 'The' OFP Mod site has to be OFP Info which has more mods and info than all the sites for any six games I know of combined...

If your patient you can hold your pony and wait for Armed Assault, which a lot of Ghost Recon Classic and VBS1 Fans are convinced will be 'the' next STS game and true spiritual sequal to Ghost Recon. If you have some omney to throw around VBS1 (I just bought it) pretty much sets the standard for realism and the state-of-the-art....

Other worthy titles include Obsidian Edge (Ghost Recon inspired FarCry Mod), True Combat Elite (free tactical shooter on free WET engine). And on the Valve Source engine HEAT and Insurgency are two projects also being developed by top Talent that are well on their way...

While this is just the tip of the ice burg and only a few games and mods I know of and like; the point and bottom line here is that there are plenty of alternatives now that disenfranchised and estranged Ghost Recon Fans can turn to (and that Ubisoft should be paying attention to)...

GRAW looks like a promising game, but at this point it's too hampered by poor render performance, issues that make it unplayable, and content limitations to justify it's pemium price IMHO. Perhaps these are things that will get some attention from the Developer/Publisher; but I guarantee -- you offer less incentive to getting these issues addressed if you buy the product 'no matter what' then exercise some intelligent and cautious consumerism...

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