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GRAW PC deal @ Future Shop (Canada)

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Just a heads-up for anyone living in Canada: Future Shop is running a promo deal this week for GRAW @ $59.99 CAD. However, you also get a "making of GRAW" DVD, a pewter GRAW dog tag and a DVD of the movie Black Hawk Down, while supplies last.

The "Making of" DVD is about 30 mins long and concentrates on the design choices for the Ghosts' armaments, outfit, etc. As such, it's relevant to both the Xbox 360 and PC versions. Also talks a bit about the US Army's Future Force Warrior program. Not super awesome but still some good info containing an interview mainly revolving around a Red Storm guy and an Army spokesperson.

Pewter dog tag is a knick-knack but if you like that kind of collectable stuff it's still cool. GRAW text logo on one side, Ghost "skull" logo on the other.

If you haven't seen Black Hawk Down already it's definitely one of the best directed/edited war movies. Arguably the best post-Vietnam/modern war movie out. Horrific and intense. A personal favourite.

The main thing is that true to Future Shop policy, if you purchased the game from them up to 15 days prior you can just bring in your receipt to customer service and still get the goods.

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Thanks for the heads up Elder. Sent the wife out to grab the goodies for me, pretty sweet indeed.

Just to clarify what Elder posted. If you have already purchased GRAW then bring in your receipt and obtain the $26.99 gift pack for FREE. (and free is always good) :whistle:

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