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anbody else

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hey all, in a few missions I've played, I had to shoot a guy in the HEAD twice to bring him down,

the main one i remember being one of the snipers before you take out that first tank on the Coup dteat mission.

but I shot him in the head, he went down and got right back up,

anybody else ever have something like this happen?

btw GRIN....I LOVE GRAW it is the best FPS I have played.

Dom needs some work(nothing that hasnt been covered in other topics) but Co-op is awesome!!!

thanks for the great game!!!!!

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What gun were you using? I find that when I use the MR-C I always have to shoot more than once for somereason. Most likely due to the low impact strength. When I use the M8 or either one of SCAR's though they go down in one, even with a torso shot.

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I have found that head shots work 90 percent on one shot one kill.

I had one time a guy`s hat just 10 feet away, all I saw was his hat, poped him in the head and he got up and shot me dead, its only happened couple times.

I love the weps good sound Balis are good too.

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