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Nice Little Touches

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I know it doesn't relate to actual gameplay, but certain in game attention to detail make GRAW even more realistic. Such as when you look at your fellow ghosts right arm (this is on AI, not sure about human players yet), look just below the American Flag, you will notice the AI have there blood types listed there. If GRIN ends up putting as much attention into giving the MP (co-op and TvT) community what this game still requires as it has done to actual in game level of detail, then this game will truly be outstanding. Don't let us down guys.

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Some I like:

Ejecting a half-spent mag - you can see rounds left in it, on the floor, whereas an empty mag shows none; of course ;)

The weapon animation - seeing the working parts as it fires.

The reloading animation - just looks good :)

It seems more time was spent on things like this, than sorting the AI tho :(


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It seems more time was spent on things like this, than sorting the AI tho :(

I'm actually (all in all) quite pleased with the AI. At least I have the feeling I can somewhat trust the other teammembers to take care of themselves, find cover and open fire on enemies (as opposed to other games where they first execute the move order regardless of a big enemy AK 47 in their face along the way).

There's a weird bug I have with the team movement orders; sometimes, when I order the team to move somewhere, 2 of the 3 members will do that just fine where the 3rd one just runs off into the wilderness like he has seen a dragon or something :P

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