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Where is it?


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Nope. This is what I mean:


See the circled map? That is the one I want to replace. And it aint in the "c07_brfg-map-box.rsb". I want to replace that map of Cuba with a map of Corsica.

Note: The mission is ont the IT Beach Resort map. Hence, "c07"

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Are you reading what people post or what? :stupid::lol:


It don't have a specific map attached to it so it doesn't have C-something in the filename.

The c07-brfg-map whatever is the cycle image for the command map during briefing.

And there are no command maps in any briefings folder in any expansion. It is the same in all. Just world maps and cycle images in "briefings" folders.

Oh hell. Just search for any file called brfg*.rsb and you will find it.

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Look for a relief map with political boundaries. Desaturate the photo (take all the color out). Then invert the colors (make black = white and vice versa). Resize to 256 x 256 pixels. Save as an .rsb and you should have a great looking briefing map.

Here's one: http://www.omnimap.com/cgi-bin/omni/graphi...ef/64-56634.jpg

It may be a bit too small though.

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