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Weird MP DOM bug

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Last night me and my teamates were playing DOM, and a weird bug happened where I became invincible, I couldn't be killed and I couldn't kill anyone unless I threw a hand nade at them. I could shoot all I wanted, watch them get hit, they could shoot me, but neither of us were dying until I threw a hand nade, I killed about 3 people and finally got blowed up.

So whatever bug it is, it renders bullets ineffective but not explosions. And this is Post Patch 1.6.

And just a quick note, I was not disconnected, nor was I lagged out. I checked the ping bar, everyone's pings were showing in the 80-220 range and other people's kills were displaying, chat was working, so that rules out the disconnected explanation, cuz that's what I thought happened.

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I got same problem, but i found it funny that none didnt see, hear or anything, some PPL were jsut standing, some PPL were playing killing and firing, running, ONCE i kill them with Greande game says they commited fatal incident...they pop-up from nowhere, but CHAT BOX is still working! (but not when i talk)

Its weird problem and i found it to be some conncetion issue, cuz when PPL Stay too long like BOT after 5-10 minutes they "left the game".

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