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Angels Ghosts


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I've tried to download the 'Angles Ghosts' Mod mentioned on the front page of Ghost Recon Dont Net over a dozen times, but every time FileFront throws up an error message:

Invalid Key or in use or Missing File

Your download key for the requested file is invalid. Download keys are only valid for 48 hours. Once your download is complete, the key is no longer valid. Keys are also only valid for the original server.

Additionally this error may be caused because the file was not found on the server.

If you need help starting your download, please contact FileFront support.

This above message appears after I select a download server (I've tried 17 of them), and after the wait with the message

Please wait while the download server is contacted...

I've done all the obvious, cleaned my IE cache etc., even tried to download other Ghost Recon Dot Net files from FileFront (which works fine), but nothing seems to work for gettting this mod...

Any idears?


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Yes, filefront are doing maintenance.

From HELP button on downloads page

I get a "invalid key" error at Filefront

This error occurs sometimes unfortunately at Filefront during maintenance, please try again later, or use a mirror location identified on our download entry for that mod.

I am trying to arrange another download location in the meantime.

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