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First Patch out NOW - 1.06

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Guys no need to reinstall game, Save games on single player are not compatible with the patch!!!!. My game was crashing and I started a new mission and it work. XFilter had the same problem and he game me the info, his game is working also after deleting all save games

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anyone know if the AI in SP mode still reacts poorly when given an order on the fly with the mousewheel? They react much better when given an order with the tactical map for some reason. When using the mousewheel, they almost NEVER go where I tell them or cover where I tell them, they just sit there and say "OK, I'm here!" When they havent moved anywhere CLOSE to where I told them to.

Also, anyone know if the sound cutting out issue has been resolved? I'm talking about the one where if I disable EAX, it works fine. If not, my own gun sounds are muted/ gone, and other sounds are affected too.

Just wondering if those issues were part of the patch, bc, alas, I have to get some sleep and won't be able to check it till tomorrow night.

THANK YOU GRIN FOR THE SUPPORT!! It is an awesome sign that fixes came out so early!

For anyone who hasn't, there is an article on this very site, www.ghostrecon.net, that details some of the things coming in the june patch; it's an interview with a developer I believe. GREAT things are coming!

THANKS AGAIN GRIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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Am I missing something, or have they failed to fix the GIANT prone bug? The fact that you cant view practically anything, use the q/e keys or shoot down hills if you are the hill's crest while prone is one of the few major bugs keeping me from buying this game. I can easily forgive most others but this is inexcusable. Let's hope that it comes out in the June patch (or sooner)... along with text briefings. :-P

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So yeah 50 bucks is crappy for something you dont really get to see for 1 month to us multyplayers and server admins...

$50 dollars is a bargain.

If I think about all the hundreds, if not thousands of hours I've spent online playing GR1 over the past 3 years, that investment of the original game plus the two expansion packs was THE BEST DEAL I've ever gotten.

1 month, in my opinion, is hardly any time at all. All we need is a little patience.

GRiN could have left us in out in the open until June. This proves to me once again (as they have proved in the past) that GRiN is here to stay and they're here for us.

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Thank's for this quick patch! Nice to see You are still on top of the game g_withgrin_t.gif

Lookin forward to June-patch and hope it will arriwe before June 9:th (when I host a LAN-party for my clan)

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i think its funny that the installer says from version 1.0 to 1.06. and we are at 1.02 and on the day of GRAW's release wasnt there a server running 1.06? i think this patch was being made before the games release. It doesnt really do anything as far as mp in my eyes. It's just a little food for us to stop bitching and to calm us down is all. we will see in this so called june patch what gets fixed for real.

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I had a Problem Free Patch Installation!

works sweet.

Thank you GRIN!

Same here...so far so good. I was very happy there was a 'download' patch for my D2D purchase...all the doom and gloom over D2D was for not. :)

Scratch that...I could have sworn I was able to load a strong point save AFTER the patch last night...today I can't load any of the 7 saves I have for strong point...get the error. Not sure why I could load one last night, but today they are ALL erroring.

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I had hoped for a complete new GR game.

:yes: Nothing there to tempt me to buy GRAW yet. :( Still holding out hope a big patch will come that includes SP gameplay type modes like GR had. I'll be ready then.

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