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Screen is entirely black, except for some light effects

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Loaded the first mission for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

took awhile to load, then when it did the entire screen, characters, everything was all black (except for the light and fog effect from before you jump out of the airplane)

After jumping out, everything including buildings, ground, is entirely black and seems to have no texture at all, i cant see anything.

Oddly enough the "Tv" screen is perfect where the guy gives you advice and the news runs (S lends mexico 50 tanks etc) works, but the graphics do not

Upon landing, the HUD is fin, showing bullets but there is zero visiblity, it is all black.

Firing the weapon shows a flash of light that is clear, but i can not even see the weapon or any terrain or buildings at all. Very odd!

I have a 3.2gz comp, 256mb geforece 5950 ultra, and updated the graphics to both normal driver and to beta driver, nothing worked.

I also put all video settings to the miniumum, disabled/enabled dynamic lghting, put resolution and screen refresh to varying settings, but the entire screen is still black.

Please help, it seems to be a video problem, but updating graphic drivers and changing the video settings has done nothing!


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