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Cpl Ledanek

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lmao - i'm crying here.... great jedi stuff!

as for the flaming shots, no photo associated, but me and my buddy were weekend regulars at BW3's and one bored night we started making bomb shots up from scratch... we ended up with 151, midori dropped into 7up/sour mix. We of course lit the 151 and called it a Dayton Dragon because it's a nice green color, and that's the color of our local farm club baseball team. He dropped the flaming shot wrecklessly and the backsplash caught his hand on fire which he attempted to stamp out blindly while finishing the chugging portion of the shot with his 'good' hand. :FIREdevil:

It didn't quite go out until he flipped it around on the bar for a good 5 seconds... we all laughed. A few weeks later we go into a different BW3's and he orders the same thing asking if they knew how to make it. They said sure, it's been pretty popular but you can't light it. Why not he asks? "Some idiot caught his hand on fire at the other store"... he laughs and says "THAT WAS ME!" ... a proud moment in shot history. :thumbsup:

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