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Third Person Mod

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jonelo, it seems that you are using the previous settings, I think the latest settings are a bit better,

anyway I don't really see what you are trying to say with this vid :)

farkiller, I think I know why it works like this, it is all very simple.

English is not my native language so I'll try to explain this as simply as I can...

I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure i'm at least very close to the truth,

I think that the camera is connected with the character animations and or skelet/rig. that is also the reason why this mod works with some guns and doesn't work with others, there are different animations for every gun and its mods(GL, front grip)

Play in first person and try to reload and watch carefully - the camera will shake a bit,

it simulates your head movement somewhat. Now try to sprint and watch the camera movement very carefully - it changes its position very slightly. It is probably a part of the body awareness system.

Now We can't simply change the actual postion of the camera. we can only tweak the camera settings in the camera_settings.xml.

the local offset gives us the ability to basically change the LOCAL OFFSET of the camera but not the actual position.

It would work perfectly if there was no body awareness system. any change to the local offset messes up this body awarness. The bigger the local offset is - the more noticeable any camera movement is. For example if we set the local offset from 0 to 120 there would appear the same increase in the camera movement, now when you reload the camera would shake more noticeably and when you run the camera would change its position more noticeably.

Now if we want to make the camera NOT move when you sprint we have basically 2 options (probably more):

we need to somehow break the connection/link between the camera and all of the character animations or in other words partially disable the body awareness system.

Or there is a more logical way. we need to find the actual camera (and not just its settings) and simply move it (change its actual postion and not the local offset) and that would be it.

And we can't do it by just tweaking the .xml files. we need tools and more access.

I've looked at the animations but there are no .xml files for them... I've tried messing with the supplied ghost_lead.max file in 3d max... If I change the skelet/rig the exporter or the game crashes< I've tried to change the root_point to some other position and object (box01), I've tried to simply change the position of the character model instead of the camera and export it, but nothing seems to affect the camera in any way...

I think that this current camera setup is probably more or less the best what could be possibly done at the moment with the use of .xml files

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I see TPS, I wish that someone from GRIN would help you out with developing this mod, because there are alot of people who would love to use this, it seems like they just don't care about the modding community, which is sad because GRAW has alot of potential for great mods!

I think you're a bit of there, or at least a bit unfair.

GRIN hanges around the modding community all the time and helps out a lot. But they do have a job to do you know ;)

Tho I do agree that some help from them with this issue would be great.

BTW, great job Tps :thumbsup:

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Hi, I've never installed a mod for GRAW before but this TP mod really intrigues me. So could someone please tell me how to go about installing it? Do I just unrar the file to the main GRAW folder or does it self install? Also, can I load this mod separately or does it permenately change GRAW to third person everytime I load it?

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Download the mod from the link below:


Install it like you would any other mod (skins, weapons, etc). Voila, 3rd person view. And I must say...great work! It really looks awesome in this view.

Does it unrar itself to the appropriate location or do I have to look for it myself? Also, will it create a separate shortcut to start the mod version of the game or does it permanately change the game every time I load the regular game?

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No it will not permanently change the game. Simply find the "local" folder, and if it's not there, make an "english" folder. Put the files in there. There can only be one english folder. Best thing to do is save it to another folder, and go from there. If you extract it, and see a "local" folder, click on it to make sure that there is an "english" folder. If so then you're good to go. Go back up to "local" and copy that to the main Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter directory, and when you start the game, it'll work.

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Ive downloaded and installed the latest version of the 3rd person mod, and whenever I try to play in-game, I dont see the character unless Im crouch-running. It kinda looks like old school ghost recon with just a crosshair. Just to clear everything up, Im running the M4sopmod modification and the latest Wraith's ACU mod.

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pretty cool mod. In fact the best mod i've found.

also I have played bit with it and i think maybe i upgradet it a little. At least your character doesent blind your crosshair and the cammera moves when you lean (i mean: when you lean left the camera moves so thet Mitchell is by the right edge of the screen so you have a lot of space on the left)

Also I have added a crosshair when aiming and it works good (relatively speaking)

But still. prone doesen't work and only a few weapons are supported

WORKING:M8, M8-Compact, SCAR-L, Glock 8, Grenades

NOT WORKING:Barret, MR-C, MK48, SCAR-H, MP5, Berreta M9


Try downloading it....http://rapidshare.com/files/9908469/02.jan...ON_mod.zip.html


1-2. normal view

3. running

4-5. aiming


If some1 still cares about this mod I'd like to hear is this is better than the previous posted here.

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