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GRAW reviews




But it looks incredible and gives you some wide open places to shoot at bad guys. If you push too far in one direction, you'll come across boundaries, and some missions are more guided than others. But for the most part, there's a great sense that you can choose how you advance, either barreling down a main road or snaking your way through back alleys. The geography is lushly detailed and affords some amazing views. The initial paradrop into Mexico City is little more than an excuse to show you just how much the engine can do. "Look at what's in store for you!" it practically hollers while you're hurtling down into it. Welcome to the new Ghost Recon.

CRITICS' SCORES from Gamerankings.com

Date Source Score

1 Apr 2006 Play Magazine 9.0/10

1 May 2006 1UP 9.0/10

2 May 2006 Yahoo! Games 4.5/5

8 May 2006 Games Radar 8.0/10

9 May 2006 ActionTrip 79.0/100

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Im Just Curious who does the ratings? Gamers or some guy in a suit? Kinda amazes me that this game went gold befor release and it hasnt even been finished i mean i like the game and all but there is so much missing and so much thats not complete for some one to give it a 9 in the state that the game is in tell me someone has no idea what they are talking about.

For the game play now im sure it will get better i give the game a 5/10.

The biggest thing that bugs me right now is that in the XBOX 360 version you can climb up small walls to go over and what not in this game you cant even walk up on a planter thats less then knee high..

Ive been Running 2 servers, Hoping for something to make this game get to at least a 9.

The Graphics are beautiful but the game play just needs a little work and more options in control settings would be nice also...

other then that im still playing and having fun..

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