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Top nine ways the British Royal Family...


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Heard this on Friday: :devil:

9> Trade in Royal Sceptre for a huge foam finger with "Born to Rule" on it.

8> Group appearance on Jerry Springer show on "Inbreeding Monarchies" week.

7> Get Spotted Dik off the royal menu once and for all.

6> Convicted witches now microwaved at the stake.

5> Have the queen wear her tiara backwards and rap her speeches The Notorious H.R.M. Liz Crowny Crown and the RoyL Cru.

4> www.ourfirstbeheading.com

3> Void left by Ginger filled by the Queen Mum as "Old Spice."

2> For knighthood ceremony: Out with the sword, in with the head butt!

1> Two words: Extreme Foxhunting


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