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De-accurizing the AI?

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Hello all.

I've been skulking here for a bit, much good info. But, my gaming groups run across a bit of an issue. We're wondering if there's anyway to make the AI less accurate. The headshots are killing us, literally.

I read that we could detune the weapons accuracy, whether through IGOR or editting the files. I doubled some of the accuracy values, and it really didn't do anything. I also tried to increase the stabilization time, again, nada.

1. I don't want to make this game easier, just more realistic. I've seen non-trained people shooting weapons, and I know for a fact, they couldn't hit the side of a barn usually, especially "rebels".

2. Will the change work in MP and if so, do all of us have to make the change or just the server?

I don't think it necessarily would be right to deaccurize the physical weapon, is there a way to make the actual enemies worse shots?

Thanks guys

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In the Equip folder (mods, or original files) you have lots of files with the extension .gun

They can be opened with any text editor.

These files can control the accuracy, and several other features of a weapon

By example if you open the rp46.GUN file in notepad (this file is found in the MP2\Equip folder), you should notice something like this near the middle of the file














These numbers control the accuracy of the crosshair, and so will then make the AI more or less accurate according to the values you will put to them.

But be warned that these values will apply to the human players too that is using the weapon for which you have modified the .GUN file.

To avoid editing the original files, it should be more interesting for you to create a mod folder in which you will then just create an "Equip" folder and would put the copy of the .gun files you want to modify, this way you will then just have to activate such mod when you want to play with the modified values.

I have no idea if such modification would need to be client side, or if having it on the server would be enough.

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Thanks for the reply. I've known about the editting of the .GUN files, but I was wanting to avoid that. I wanted to see if there was a way to make the actual AI a worse shot, rather than changing the accuracy of the weapons. But, if that's the only way to do it, I think I'll just have to suffer with head shots, because that's what I'm trying to allieviate. I've played dozens of games now, MP, and out of te hundreds of times I've died, I've only been wounded, anyplace, maybe 2-3% of the time. Which makes no world sense. You're much more likely to be wounded than take a headshot, it's just not realistic. Worst case scenerio is that I would have to modify the kill% of headshots to 1/2 of what it currently is, which again, is not realistic at all.

Thanks for any help out there.

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Try upping the recoil--it seems to have more of an effect than most values. Unfortunately we never got an ai tool to tweak their characteristics and it's hard coded into the game. Changing the weapons value in the opfor(enemy) files will have some effect--say from 4 or 5, change to 2 or 1. You could lower leadership values as well, but personally I like the way enemy operates with leadership at 5 or 6.

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